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Monday, March 10, 2008

Awaken Your Day - March 10, 2008

Being optimistic and thinking and acting more positive has been met with a wide variety of reactions. Alot of people say, "That is not my thing." Or they always figure there is somekind of angle toward it. The most frustrating for any of us that are trying to be more optimistic is the apathy towards this way of life. The lack of interest. Especially when that comes from those that know you well enough to know that you are not trying to convince them of something. They avoid the topic, and you.

It is okay, we can say that. They are avoiding us right now, and thus are not here.

So, I just wanted to take something today from Stewart Emery's, "Success Built to Last". It fits.

"Celebrating what's right with the world is an excruciatingly unhip and uncool thing to do. We are carefully trained by safety-conscious parents, in-laws, institutions of higher learning, and the evening news to ignore or ridicule optimistic people. In a world rife with violence and generally consumed by fight-or-flight - where most people teeter on the verge of being upset or angry - it's hard for many people to function when they're not scared or worrying about something.

Optimism is a tough pill to swallow and seems a silly placebo at that. It presents an uneasy vacuum that feels unrealistic. Under these circumstances, it really seems there is no safe place in our society for boundless optimism.

As schoolyard bullies used to tell us, optimists are stupid. They are particularly irritiating because they don't overreact to negative news or setbacks. They feel the fear and persist in doing things anyway and have the audacity to expect them to work. They actually believe that things will turn out well, that even that if they don't at first, they will work out eventually, and that there are good people who will be served by whatever it is.

They are convinced that there are people who will want to sign up to make the dream a reality. Some would call it faith, but it's safer to dismiss this all as Pollyanna thinking and issue strong warning statements about how naive and misguided it all might be."

And then to finish, when I consider your success dreams and mine... and all we work toward and all the hard work it takes to get one step further on your ladder....as I share with you all the time that it is One Step at a Time. When I consider this and I consider that we face judgement and assumption from those who do not carry our same passion in our eyes and must take a bite out of our dreams to feel their own false power and success; I consider that it is Opportunity Monday, and the world I am exploring is mine.

I claim this dream in the name of me, and I claim the ground I cover today as another step on my personal success meter.

"As Mark Twain said, 'Everyone is a crank until their wild scheme actually works out.' "

Good morning and good stepping and enjoy every second of your optimism, so I can too.

Pierre Couturier – March 10, 2008
Author – “All She Is…”
LPU Representative
Success is Yours – With Prosperity Designers Inc. and Wealth Creators Inc.
Personal Development and Business Opportunity 1-888-719-5819

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