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Friday, April 11, 2008

Awaken Your Day - April 11, 2008

"The shortest path between here and everything you want: start being grateful for all the things you already have."
- Dr. Glenn Pickering

And now, the real suggestion for the day - don't just read the words. Listen to them.

So often today we hear nice thoughts and words and having heard them before, they have this resemblance or familiarity. In our mind we read and it is like skimming across the surface. Our sensors pick up a few triggers and we acknowledge what is already familiar and in our awareness and, "Ya, I got it. " Like speed reading really. Picking out what connects, but not taking the time to sink into the full depth of what is there. Like ordering a great steak, and then telling the waiter to hurry you have to be somewhere. Did you taste the fact that your steak had marinated in a great sauce over nite and there was some wonderful enjoyment of a perfectly prepared meal, waiting for you ... but - it all ended up being ... "steak, i know i like it, done this way, yup that is it, chew, what time is it, gotta go!"

It is the same so often when we hear again some real true wisdom that has crossed our path in different ways over the course of our lives.

"The shortest path between here and everything you want: start being grateful for what you already have."

"...Oh, ya, heard that before, Thankful, what I have, already, right, like car, house, family, got it, ya, sure is good, so nice advice, what?" .... with that,we label, catagorize in memory file #245 and place it in mind cabinet 6 - third drawer down and about half way back. Okay, filed away, skimmed it, got it.

But... what does it mean? To be grateful for what we already have.
Sadly, so often, we discover the meaning when tragedy finds it's way into our life.

Take a look around you this weekend. Be grateful not because someone told you too.

Be grateful because it feels good. It helps you stop, and feel good more often; it helps you see how far you have come and reminds you of what in your life helped get you here.
Who doesn't need a self induced reminder to enjoy their life?

Good morning.

Pierre Couturier - April 11, 2008
Author - All She Is...
LPU Representative
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