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Friday, May 2, 2008

Awaken Your Day - May 2, 2008

His name, is Alferd Williams.
He, is 70 years old.
He is also in grade one and learning to read for the first time in his life.

My wife, Sandra, and I really enjoy the Ellen DeGeneres show. I do recommend it for it's comical value. It is just good funny. Yes, good funny. Yesterday Alferd was her guest.
70 years old, loved by his classmates, and supported in his dream by his wonderful teacher. I am sure you can look him up as he is getting national attention right now for what is happening in his life.

My thought is quite simple. It is never too late. I do not know his life story, just this bit I witnessed on a t.v. show. But isn't that enough?

70 years old, and his life is essentially just beginning all over, with the ability to read.
He is a good person. He was in the right environment. Walking children to school. He was given an opportunity, when he told the teacher that he himself could not read. He recognized that opportunity. He had the desire to ask her if she would teach him.

He is genuine in his quest. He is sincere in his giving back of love and appreciation. He is enjoying the wonderful rewards of a dream coming true. He is finding a whole new world...because he had the courage to recognize that he could do this now - at 70 ...
"I'm too old," was never mentioned in the whole story.

Many people give up on even just the day ( not to mention a dream) right after they get up, or at the moment that they realize they still have to be at that job for 8 and that they did not magically win the lottery while they slept, or the gym fairies didn't come and take away those 30 pounds in the nite; or right about the time they look back on a life with regret that they did not do what they wanted to do. ( Relief from that job here.)

"If only I knew then what I know now. I would've ...."

You do know now what you need to know then! It is all around you - RIGHT NOW. Inspiration can find you anywhere!! You just have to be open for business.

Where you ask? Where is this inspiration?

70 year old Alferd Williams is in grade one and learning how to read for the very first time.

He is not embarrassed. He is not intimidated. He is ... happy. And he is focussed on the whole new world that is opening up before him. He is not - lingering on regret. He is too busy - discovering the simple and wonderful things in life, like how in a supermarket there is a bunch of words above each aisle. They tell you what is in that aisle. He never knew.

And that my friends, is a very simple, yet often overlooked, wonderful lesson of life.
It is never too late.

Have a wonderful day - becoming who you once only dreamed you could be.

Pierre Couturier – May 2, 2008
Author – “All She Is…”
LPU Representative
Success is Yours – With Prosperity Designers Inc. and Wealth Creators Inc.
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