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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Awaken Your Day - June 18, 2008

You kind of like those mornings when you wake up after a good amount of sleep, and you cannot remember the day right away. I admit the temptation to reset the alarm is very strong.

So you get up, and start your routine. If you work outside your home, or from home, the next step is common for many of us. We enter the danger zone.

It might happen in the shower, or right out of bed as soon as your eyes snap open. It may hit while you zoom thru some form of breakfast; or for some it hits full speed when you get to the car. Your mind begins to cover, the "To Do" list. And with it, comes a side order of "frantic."

There are mornings I am so bad, that there is a pen and notepad sitting on the counter outside the shower.

Wednesday is a day I find this danger zone is enhanced. For not only are we thinking of the things that need to be done but we are now at a point in the week that seems to find this unseen stop watch and so now we are also in a race. Rounding the half way point and heading for home, it's reports in the lead, followed close by chores at home.

While we think of deadlines, we must also remember to give some attention to our personal lines. You know the ones. They seem to be getting more noticable across your forehead. And the deep ones between the eyes. And the most favorite ones are those that show up underneath our eyes. Personal lines are tattle tale signs. We need a break from the race.

Stress is not supposed to be an added reward to our daily tasks. Go talk to accounting and I am sure there is not a cost code for it. You don't get paid overtime for it. Can't claim it on your tax return.

We have to rely on our good friend, Awareness - to keep us in check and on track.
As many, many experts and successful people will tell us time and time again - stop. Get your bearings and realign yourself with your goal and the task at hand. Breathe, and then proceed back on course. In control and with clarity in our thoughts and gameplan.

Wednesday beckons. Let's be careful with our personal lines, and prosperous in all our endeavors.

Good morning.

Pierre Couturier – June 18, 2008
Author – “All She Is…”
Lifepath Representative
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