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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Awaken Your Day - On Your Vessel of Dreams

There is a gentle, refreshing breeze blowing thru my home office as I begin to share today. Fitting really when you gaze at the picture. My friend and business partner, Marq, shared some pictures she and some of her new friends took while on their recent adventure with the LPU Breakthrough Conference in Cancun. Life changing she said. I believe her. This picture here is one of Andrea's. I hope she is okay that I borrowed it.

You see, it struck me as soon as I saw it. And now, with this breeze gently invading the silence, even more so. It all coincides so well with how we have discussed feeling now the way you know you will when you achieve the successes you are dreaming of. No matter in what part of your life. Feel the energy now, as you move toward it.

So, I gaze at this picture ... and I feel the breeze. And the magic begins.

I "allow" myself the moment to go, relaxed and without distraction, to a time I recall feeling at peace and having a moment of pure joy with life.

I remember my first time on the ferry in British Columbia, Canada. A big boat. A vast body of water. It was cold, as the boat made it's way across the water, and the breeze made stronger by the speed bore down on me; but I was not going inside. You see I had never been there. Never had that moment. I had not felt that chill, nor smelt the air - how different it was - how wonderful this basic moment was, and how that took over my senses. Just experiencing something so new. So basic to so many, and yet - so wonderfully new to me.

I remember how fresh and crisp the air was. I could feel each breath, like I was appreciating it for the first time, and I realized I was inhaling deeper. Like I was breathing more life into me. I was alone. Just me and my thoughts, and this new experience. The sound of the water, splashing. The mist. I could hear the wind speaking as it rushed past me. I could see life on the islands and that created more wonder of what else was out there that I had not lived. How different a life it must be to mine. And I was lost in a slow moving kaleidoscope of words and thoughts and senses. Very much the same feeling you get, when you stop the world, and focus on that dream you have been shaping.

I remember, I felt so in touch with my thoughts. Life had given me a moment to just let me feel; to feel what I had been unaware of to that point. And in that moment, and many because of it, I learned so much.

So here I sit, with a picture, and a breeze, and I find myself lost in a moment while I simply relax and enjoy my thoughts; which are calm and so very clear. This is a moment I value so very much. I would almost suggest you open a window, gaze into the picture... and get lost in where ever it takes you. You might find it easier to plot your course to what seemed so distant, and unreachable.

We really don't do that enough you know. Just grab a moment and get lost. Some of the most wonderful results come from such an effortless gesture. Like laying in the grass and finding shapes in the clouds. Why do we lose touch, with the ability to create those moments that give us so much to dream about?

And so it is that I gaze at this picture, and my thoughts go to a new moment that is like a child of the feelings the old memory brought to life. And I invite you to come along.

It is you standing on the front of this vessel, just as it is when you come across a moment in your life when you discover 'your' vessel. You stand at the very tip of it. The life that holds you, and carries you on the waves of the dream that inspires you.

As you stand on the front of this vessel, you look out and you see, like an untouched canvas, a never diminishing sea of blue.
And breathing life into your imagination. Giving you the freedom to Believe.

What do you see? What do you want to see? Inspiration can find you anywhere, and today I am certain it beckons for our attention far more than we are aware.

This new moment - as I gaze at the blue. No obstacles in it. No distractions. No view of what is back in the past, behind the tip of this vessel. Just clear, fresh air blue - and the pictures in my mind of what I am capable of, and what lies before me, those pictures are dancing with possibility.

This is my moment.
This is my untainted blue, and with it - I can begin any day.

Good morning, and welcome. Breathe, and begin.
Pierre Couturier – July 3, 2008
Author – “All She Is…”
LPU Representative
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