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Friday, September 19, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Sept 19 - Inner Peace

"When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere."
- Francois de La Rouchefouchaud, 1613-1680

As my weekend approaches, and I get excited about having time to do all I want to do - I become one of those people whose excitement slowly makes the transition to frayed end of a rope as I create a larger and larger list.

I begin in the home office and I figure..."Hmmm.... I need a clean slate. I need this room nice and tidy and organized in order to begin my productivity run. " So ... it is confirmed... papers are moved, keys are turned, buttons are pushed, recycle bag is open, and voila I have a clean desk and a sense that I have conquered my dragon in the first battle of the day.

My head is high, my chest is out and the wind is blowing new short hair like a Romance book cover. I am, I said. But I do not feel the wind, for I am too busy trying to recall what is next.

Next .... well... not sure... because my To Do list is in the pile of papers, now in the bin, neatly placed under the desk, mentally filed under "Will get to sort that out sometime later."

And it begins again.

So...tranquility is my friend.

I will stop. I will breathe. And I will refocus on knowing I have a few things that mean alot to me and I will remind myself that I may not get everything done that just "needs" to be done. My mind is calmly on the task I choose once I have slowly thought about what is most valuable to me to do. One thing at a time. Not a race from one room to the next or one file to the next.

I owe it to me, my wife, and my desired results to approach with care those ideas I have to complete in my business, our home and my dream chasing.

A clean desk is a nice beginning, as long as I do not cover it with a hectic array of activity.
All that I do takes me to my next step on this enjoyable stroll thru my yard of "Want to do..."

And I begin, with taking in a Good Morning.


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