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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Oct 23 - Past is Past

"A form of addiction, the past is as much of a vice as tobacco, alcohol, or carbohydrates."
- Mike Lipkin

Hard to see where we are going if we are constantly looking behind us.

Did you ever try that eye trick as a kid?
I used to have this Star Wars activity book when I was around 10 or so.
There was this little trick... you look at a picture of Darth Vaders helmet.
On the nose, was a single dot.
You were to look directly at this dot for like 30 straight seconds. Nothing else, and do not look away.

Straight at the dot. And then, you were to look up at a blank wall and blink quickly.
Amazingly, you would "see" the whole picture of this Darth Vader helmet.

As I have come to follow this new path in my life...one enhanced with much more awareness, I see an easy comparison between this "eye trick" and how we often perform a "mind trick" with images of the past.

We get this moment or picture in our mind of this negative thought, or event from our past...and we burn it into our brain with relating to it, retelling it, rethinking about it...over and over. And then, when we look up quick to this blank canvas that is the unscripted story of our future... we see, and 'burn' the image of the past directly in our path.

We see it, we relive it, we often recreate it. We revisit it over and over like an addiction.
One thing we are told is that we migrate to what we are familiar with subconsciously. There is an unspoken security in what we are familiar with.

Like patterns we have in bad relationships, we subconsciously continue to be attracted to what we are familiar with. Or bad track record with our dreams, or attempts to succeed.

We must break this dependancy on the past. We must find strength to move forward.
Period. We talk about it...we elude to it...and then we get distracted by it again.

Yesterday is over. This is now, that was then. Use it as a step, but not as a constant, "Used to Be..."

Good day.


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