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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Awaken Your Day - Jan 27 - Who is Knocking?

"The real secret of success is enthusiasm. Yes, more than enthusiasm, I would say excitement. I like to see men get excited. When they get excited they make a success of their lives."
- Walter Chrysler

Because it is so predominant, we continue to touch around this topic of hard times.

We have had quite alot around us recently.
Economics have caught up to us and our home faces potential job loss.
Financial restructuring takes on a stressful position rather than one centered around some positive plan for a dream.
My brother in law has just endured a triple by-pass operation.
And we are having a baby soon, which while it is a joyous occasion, it comes with some degree of self created worry when combined with true stressors.

That could be viewed as quite a list to juggle all at the same time.
Sure it is; but we are not alone. So many others have the same amount on their canvas to paint a picture with.

And ... we all have the same options with our thoughts.

While employment may be in question, the love in our home is not. And this gives me enthusiasm. I have something great to remind me of what I have to offer this world and with that realization, I will find my signature, at work or here with all of you and we will see beyond the clouds to find our path of clear sight. Remember, where one door closes, another opens - and it is your excitement to find it that will embrace your coming success.

Thomas is alive. He is joking with the hospital staff, and his quick wit is blessing me and showing me that there is still room to smile even with all he has had to face in the last week. And I see a look in his face that I am so very honored to know my son will see too. That enthusiasm. For the life in those eyes cannot be told to a young boy on my knee later on. No, he must see that for himself. And he will, because of Thomas' and my sister's courage, and he will be a better young man for it.

Our son ... waiting to make his way into this world to bring even more joy than he already does.
I grew up with far less than I have now. And while we face some difficult times, he will never feel overwhelmed by any of them, for we will enhance what is truly valuable with enthusiasm for all of our successes ... and teach him how to enjoy the excitement that lives within us for all we can be ...

Even in times of adversity.

Many of us are facing some difficult times in our lives right now. As I said, maybe it is financial, maybe it is with family crisis, or maybe it is with a joyous moment that scares you deep inside.

It is good to get excited. Excited for what is beyond the hard time, but also for how you will Get beyond the hard time. What is the scariest part of each thing you face right now and what will you become once you have faced it? What pleasures will you embrace after your excitment spurs you on in times of great adversity? How sweet will the moment be, when you stand at the top and look back ... not worried about how far you have to go, but rather looking back and saying, "Look how far I have come."

Today, I challenge you to find excitement for what can be in all that is. Pick a fight with adversity and then smile a victorious and enthusiastic smile.

Good morning.


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