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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Awaken Your Day - May 28, In Youth We Trust

I answer the door to a beaming young man, excited to include my wife and I in his celebration.
"Come see my new car!" The day before graduation, and he is awarded with a gift any young man would be thrilled for.

"D" is our our neighbor's son. He is also our friend. He is also one of the most respectful young men you will ever meet. His parents should be very proud. We are just the neighbors ... friends of he and his parents... and yet, we are very proud of him.

As I search out my own inner leadership, and I begin to study great Leaders, I see before me in this young man, a Leader among men. He is bright and respectful; athletic and hard working; he is funny and admired, and he has values. He is the kind of young man you include in the conversation. Partially because he laughs at my jokes, but also because he offers his own stories of life as it is today ... and I find I enjoy listening. He is the kind of young man we boast about when other's complain about the young minds that will take over some day.

This young man graduates high school today. Taking a strong first of many great steps forward into manhood. With the great support he has around him and guiding him, along with the respect he commands just from being himself, we think he is going to be just fine. More than fine. He is a strong threat to lead by example.

I notice his life a little more maybe, because I now have my own son to watch over on his journey from babe, to toddler, to child, and teen.... and there are moments when the heart skips a beat and panic sets in. Fear of the unknown you may say. Will I make the right choices so that my son will know how to make his own when he needs to?

As I look at this young man taking this next step, along with his friends who would inspire you as well in their own ways, I constantly think of our boy. With all of my worries about this world, with all that we fear will influence our youth negatively and push them down the wrong road - I look at this young adult who is about to step up to a different starting line... ( I look up as he is a big lad ) and I see a Role Model for his time. To me this young man is Hope.

And, in a way, we get to share in his Celebrations. We have been cheering him on for a few years now; as neighbors and friends. But also as admirers of an inspiring "kid" that we enjoy knowing. I borrow some joy from his achievements, and I learn a little about how to give my son the best opportunity to become a stand out young man, deserving of other people's respect and support. Congratulations to his parents as well on a job well done.

Perhaps you know of someone who makes your worried anticipation of tomorrow just a little less worried because you know they are going to be there ... Leading by example.
Celebrate this someone ... and share it with them.

Have a great day "D" ... and thanks for making this worried father a little calmer and a stronger believer.

Good Morning.

Pierre Couturier
Father, Author, and Entrepreneur

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