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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Sept 2, 2010 - The Tortoise and the You

"For fast acting relief, try slowing down."
- Lily Tomlin

We do it to ourselves really. Most often we only have the reflection in the mirror to blame.
We get overwhelmed, and the biggest reason is the urgency we put onto a task or all tasks.
That urgency tenses up so many of our nerve endings at the same time, we exhaust ourselves and often find ourselves spent and wondering why we are so tired when we really have not accomplished much.

Like most energy drinks...we charge ourselves up...just to crash shortly there after, and we are twice as useless as we were before we sought our boost, or roared into action.

Try taking ten full deep breaths before you carry on any further. Don't just read " ten deep breaths"... do it. Now, and not while you are flipping your eggs, pouring your coffee, confirming the meeting, adjusting your tie, folding the laundry, washing your hair, checking the weather etc etc etc....

The key is to STOP.

Let me put it another way. That guy you swerved out to pass because he just was in your way and you were in a rush... look over to the left. That is him sitting there with you at the red light. Yes, you got there first...but look at his relaxed demeanor...and now look at your tight grip on the steering wheel. Watch him for a second. I bet he hasn't looked at his watch once.

Take a moment to collect yourself. When you feel like you are picking up speed at the cost of maintaining control, put the world on pause and take a moment to yourself.

It will all be there when you step back into play.

Good morning, and you still owe me 10 full deep breaths.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da-dee", Author, Friend.

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