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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awaken Your Day - Nov 8 - Foot Prints in Quicksand

I want you to be light on your feet today.
Is it wrong of me to show a demanding side?

I think not.

I believe that if you choose to share time here each day, then you have the power to make a difference...just by being you, and offering others a chance to step where you have stepped.

You all know I have a hard time believing in this Myth about Mondays and the negativity that comes so naturally with the mere thought of waking up on this day of the week. I have a hard time accepting that so many people so readily expect so little out of this gift...until I start to think that maybe they actually just expect so little out of themselves.

Should you choose to follow the lead of the uninspired, you will simply find yourself standing on their shoulders in the quicksand they seem so determined to find.

I challenge you to run to the front of the pack, and let them see you do it. Take the lead position today, and accept Monday's offer to leave the first ever known Footprint in the Quicksand. Being light and on top in your attitude will show that while you may not avoid all the draining obstacles of this weekly beginning, you can certainly avoid that sinking feeling.

Monday is an invitation to a first impression. Let others see impression, your well placed Foot Print in the Quicksand, so that they too can extend their meeting with that strong beginning.
Good Morning...and thanks for your help.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, "Da...dee", Author and Friend.

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