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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Awaken Your Day - July 28,2011 - Viruses Among our Thoughts

" At birth we are very much like a new hard drive - no viruses, no bad information, no crap that's been downloaded into it yet.  It's what we feed into that hard drive that starts the corruption of files."
- Nikki Sixx, Founder and Bassist of Rock Band Motley Crue

Inspiration can find you anywhere.

This whole analogy to viruses is not an uncommon one.  Nor can it be touched on in short form here...so I dare say we will visit it again in more depth.  For now, I think it is something that we can ponder throughout this day in a positive way.

Negative thoughts are viruses.  Gossip is a virus.  Stressing about the past mistakes we may have made - virus.  Excuses and procrastination...wonderfully designed viruses. 

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking about a time before, when "We used to..." and "We would laugh..." and my all time favorite agitation igniter, "Oh, if I knew then what I know now!!"

Guess what.... you know NOW what you know NOW that you did not know then, so why not take it and act on it instead of giving away energy to contemplating the impossible...energy to daydreams about wish it could have beens and speculating conversations about what you would have done different had you then known what you are referring to knowing ... Right Now.


Clean out the hard drive.  Run a complete system scan.  If you can sit there and create what you would have done differently back then, then you can actually do it Today and everyday.

Run a system scan...do you catch yourself in any of these moments? Can you identify 5 Viruses that you let run amok in your day, and your energy reserves...and the silver lining of your dreams? 

We all have corrupted files ... we trip on them daily.  What will we do with those files. 

Good morning...now run a full scan.  Your "system" will operate alot smoother.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author and Comfortable 40 something.

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