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Monday, May 21, 2012

AYD - May 22, 2012 - Where Do I Begin?

There are many demands on our attention and time in these busy and fast changing times.
Many influences, and many distractions that spider web our efforts to focus on those topics with more foundation creating value.

Thankfully, there are times when we find ourselves prisoner to distractionand can recognize it, clarity allows us an unannounced glimpse to the picture.  And, I am not sure about you, but in that moment I often have a conversation with myself that I am also far too familar with.  "Where do I begin?"

When I set my target on my retirement, and financial needs for my family in that far away time, Where Do I Begin?

When I set my target on a Goal I have let slip, and my age has now become a concern, Where Do I Begin?

When I recognize that I must pursue some self betterment in my career, so that my family might benefit from more security and stability, Where Do I Begin?

When I wonder if I am preparing my son, for a life filled with experiences and opportunities, Where Do I Begin?

When I worry that I have become routine, and have forgotten to show my wife she is still the reason my heart keeps beating, Where Do I Begin?

When I ponder the choices I have made, and ask if I have done the best I could to be my best, for me, Where Do I Begin?

This is not the five year plan.  This is not next week, after exams. It is not, a resolution, and it begins after some holiday.  This is not a time for promises, "after things get a little better."

This moment crying out to be fully lived in, is the moment we recognize the topic that leads to the question, Where Do I Begin.

We Begin, right then, in the same moment.  You do not have to map out the entire solution, or solve the mysteries in that very day.  But you must begin, when the emotional connection shows you that you care enuf to ask the question, instead of just walking away.

You Begin, by simply giving it another moment of undivided attention.  Breathe, pick that one topic, and...Begin to create while it is fresh.

It is another day of Opportunity.
Where do I begin?
I believe, I just did.

Good morning,
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author and at the Beginning of many other roles.

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