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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AYD - Feb 26, 2013 - Curiosity Builds Dreams

"I'm of the mind that even people who have limitations, if they have a curiosity, they will find a way to explore it. "
- Tish Grier

Somewhere along the way, between being an inquisitive toddler and now, many of us lose our interest in asking questions.

"How does that work?"
"Why is the sky blue?"

More simply...just, "Why?"

Picture one little "Why" as a seed in an open field.  Ask the question, of anyone...or just yourself, and you open the opportunity to planting the entire field.

One question may be intimidating ... but when you get an answer, it is like the first taste of the most delicious Strawberry Sundae.  Your mind explodes on the words you get back, like your taste buds explode and say, "Wait a second... what was that!?"

You need a little more.
So you ask a connecting question, that waters the seed you put in the ground, that makes your spoon reach for a bit of chocolate syrup on that sundae that opens your ears and then your eyes and your taste buds are already salivating in anticipation of what is to come.

Watch a child sit during story time, and listen to the suspense build.  They are engaged and listening.  Curiosity is being fed.  Their mind is already ahead of you picturing the story like a color filled movie in their head.

Think of your goals.  Think of your "How" and "Why" moments that are bouncing your around like a pinball.

Reach for the next level.  Answer the call of Curiosity, and enjoy the questions that take you one step further to knowing.

Good morning.
Happy Exploring... anything.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author ... and new Examiner of "How".

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