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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

AYD - Feb 6, 2013 - When In Doubt

When in Doubt....Pick "Positive".

When the going gets tough .... Get "Positive".

When faced with things you cannot control .... Focus on what you can - the "Positive".

Basically - stuff happens.  And when it does, we never feel prepared.  We must, must, must, train ourselves to pause in the face of adversity, and take a moment to maintain our wits - take inventory and not panic.

It is so very easy to say and recommend that we stay Positive, and Hard to do when we encounter the moment.  It is hard to do it, because many of us really only put attention to positive when we are in a special moment when that focus makes us feel better .... for the moment.

Having a Positive outlook overall, helps us tackle Doubtful moments with a more Automatic response.  It is then that we fully see the contrast between us, and what most people respond with.  When you are more positive then you simply adapt to adversity and challenge it with a more level head, and in so doing, do not feel the Stress Chain of Thoughts and Events.

When a doubtful moment comes, of any nature, remember to pause, breathe, assess it for what it is, list out what you know, identify what you do not know and then avoid speculation on what you do not know.  Maintain a clear line of vision on the facts.  You will see your assets ( what you know ) and have a much better control on your liabilities ( what you do not know, your worry, the What If factors, the "oh what will I do?" factor .... etc ).

It is hard to put into simple words to make it all make sense.

Basically - When in doubt, invest in a positive thought.  The compound interest will surprise you.

Good Morning.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author....and Facing a Doubtful time...with a Positive step.

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