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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

AYD - April 24, 2013 - Simple Motivating Thought

You do not have to be the best over night.  You do not have to go from zero to expert in an unrealistic speed or time.

Some would argue that if you get rich quick, you have no understanding of what it took to get there. No appreciation.  Like many lottery winners, they are broke before too long because they do not know how to respect the new found wealth.

Enjoy the journey.  You have heard that before.  Typically from a parent telling you not to grow up too fast, but you get the point.  Learning to understand each step along the way, helps you appreciate the success deeper.

Last nite I attended my fitness class.  This is week three.  Third time on leg day.  I used to dread leg day.  But yesterday showed progress.  I had more energy, better form, and more strength.  Not a ton more..but enough to show me progress.  Enough so I was not distracted by fear of inability or from early muscle fatigue.  I knew when we signed me up that I was not as fit as I used to be.  I knew it would take some work and more so, consistancy, in order to begin moving toward my goal.

Last nite, I gained some ground and some sense of accomplishment.  Enough to urge me onto the next step.  Enough to make me look forward to my next gain.
I accept it will take me these 12 weeks to feel better... knowing it took alot more than that to get me feeling rough.

Enjoy the road to success.  There is alot of sights to see and many attractions along the way.

Good morning, great day.  Great you, is a better day for everyone else.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author taking the scenic route.

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