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Monday, May 6, 2013

AYD - May 6, 2013 - What is your role?

"No role is a small role."
- Apparently this is said when working in the theater.

Think back in memory to any time you recall when someone around you was regarded as less than some standard because they were doing a job not highly regarded.

Now think back to your teenage years, when you might have held one of those same catagorized jobs.

I have come to a place in my life where I do not immarturely judge a person by the job they do, for I had to do many of them and I value the perspective I was rewarded with.  I do believe however, that I have become more judgmental on HOW a person does their job... how they play their role.

I have split wood, worked in a gas station, was a cashier, swept floors in a fab shop, a telephone operator, and even joined the housekeeping staff at a less than stellar hotel.  That means I cleaned toilets and made beds.  I worked in a video rental store, a grocery store, and a small stint in a restaurant.  By small, I mean I was hired, got home and quit... they were not going to pay my inexperience nearly enough for me to apply myself and learn something totally new with the opportunity.  Silly folks...And then I landed in Industrial Construction and worked my way thru a few roles there.

My point is that I found I achieved greater success when I actually applied myself to any of the jobs I was given.  I won't say I had my full heart in it, but now looking back I can recognize and admit that.  But when I applied myself, the job I did was noticed, and that impression shaped what the decision makers thought of me as a person.  More trust because of my effort, created more opportunity and faith in my ethics.   We look around us at people doing tasks that we would not want to do, and judgement is often cast toward the person for doing the task...and not the fact that they do the task well.   There are alot of people in our days, that should they not be there, our day would be impacted greatly.  There are alot of roles that we do not realize how heavily we rely on in order for our schedule to be free and gain that time to do our own role better.   We do not achieve success all on our own.  We have alot of help.  And often, that help comes in someone else, playing their very important part...doing their "small" role.  We overlook the importance because it may not always be directly connected.   Today, make the connection.  Look around you. Acknowledge the "small" role for what it truly offers us in our own successes today.   Good Morning, Great day. Great you, improves the environment all around for others to have a great day.   Pierre Couturier Husband Role, Daddy Role, and Author to My Day Role.

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