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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

AYD - Jan 7, 2014 - Less emotion, more thought please.

"We make progress in society only if we stop cursing and complaining about its shortcomings and have the courage to do something about them."
- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Psychiatrist and Author

It is down right easy to complain and moan.  Sometimes it may even be argued that it is necessary.  But when we let it become habit, or we learn to rely on it as our only release, we begin digging a hole.

Think about it.  Inside a hole you see less, and in this case, the better and deeper the hole that gets dug, the less opportunity we have to see if anything on the surface is getting better.  We can only see the walls so our point of view gets more limited than it was initially when our emotions were stoked to being the upset in the first place.

Now... I get it.  Many of us feel that we are only one person so alot of the things around us feel too large and thus intimidating for us to try to make a difference.  And this goes whether it be dealing with our immediate environment - like issues with work, or with a neighbor or  even a salesperson - and right up there to larger issues like government decisions, taxes and world events. 

However, the immediate issue is not the one we are cursing about.  The immediate issue is the haste of our position and how well informed it is.  Many of us complain and curse from the emotion created by the trigger .... headline in a paper, the fact that we don't have a new car, or even the dump of snow last night. 

I ask you.  Do we know all we need to know?  I believe Courage begins with recognizing the moment, and our knowledge of it.  I believe Courage begins with recognizing that there is variables we may not have addressed - to any of the "shortcomings".  I believe Courage begins with asking ourselves and the situation a better question when we get exposed by some method to the "shortcoming". 

So instead of getting distracted by the intimidating size of the picture created when we read "society", I suggest we start with our own little bubble, our day and our immediate exposure setting. 

As you go through today, you will feel and see "shortcomings" of a good variety.  The ones that immediately impact with you - I challenge you to stay balanced.  Address the matter first with the courage to ask a question.  "Do I know all I need to know?"  Follow it up with another good question, "Is this worthy of my excitement?"  And you will ask another... and another.

As you ask yourself questions, you will get the same effect as counting to 10 when angry or giving yourself a timeout when your child is misbehaving.  A few good questions bring on a few good moments of clarity.  We stop cursing, and complaining and we see a pathway to potential solutions right there in the shadow of such an unfair "shortcoming". 

Have the courage to ask your way to a better vantage point.

Good Morning
Great day.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy and Author of my day.

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