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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

AYD - April 8, 2014 - Friends ... Priceless Luxury in Life

“We stand in silence for another moment and I realize how lucky I am to have someone I can be myself around in all my melancholy glory.”
―    Marisa Calin, Between You and Me

Friends.  They come in all shapes and sizes ... be thankful their personalities do as well.
As I have gotten older, I have come to put less pressure on friends.  I am more worried about being a burden than anything.  But we are blessed to have some wonderful people in our lives.

Little secret... when I was younger, I was a needy kid.  I latched onto people.  I needed a hug.  I recognize... I was probably uncomfortable waiting to happen.  I was a really good friend ... but I was a bit much me thinks.  Life was different when we were younger.  Our expectations were different.

In life experience now, we have come to accept the invention of "busy" and "schedules".  So when friends understand but accept you anyway....when you can call someone up after a week or so and it is no big deal - it sure takes the pressure off.

Like last nite.  A good friend called me up with a crazy idea.  Figured we should join ball hockey. 
I have never played ball hockey. 
Not a big running fan on a good day.
I am nursing an injury.
I had about 30 seconds to decide. 

He planned it well I think.  Had the family in the car so I could not swear at him.  I think it was revenge really.  Getting back at me.  For not calling.  Thinks I am a big sack of couch.  We never wave in the driveway anymore.

So now I am going to play ball hockey.  Get some exercise.   Because I have great friends.  Athletic friends.  The kind that can pick you up when you are down.  Literally...down. Winded.  Gasping. 
And for that ... I am thankful.
Recognize one person that takes you as you are.  Understand how precious that is.

Good morning, greater day.
Greater you, because friends encourage you to be.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author to my Day.

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