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Friday, May 23, 2014

AYD - May 23, 2014 - Total Recall and Recharge

It dawned on me recently that I have everything I need to be the success I want to be.
Resources and experience and mature perspective are all there.
Only thing missing is a more direct line reference center in my brain that would guide me to the right tool, at the right time, and with focus.  I am working on it.

So with that, I thought ... I know I have these tools so then I should initiate Recall Sequence and get reacquainted with them.

So sometime today... preferably this morning so you can Awaken the idea ... follow my lead.

Identify 5 people in your life that have taught you something of far reaching value.  Remember them, remember their qualities ... and revisit the valuable lessons.  Spend a dedicated moment on each.

Identify 5 books in your home ( or memory if you do not keep them) that you enjoyed in any way.  They could have been motivating, or allowed you the gift of laughter or personal insight.  5 books you invested time in and received a return on investment.  What did you like? What did you discover?  What did you share?

Identify 5 jobs you have held that have brought you to a new and improved self.  You might have disliked it, but now you know more about your wants and dreams.  You might have loved it, and it made you more in control now.  5 Jobs, and what did you take away from them.  If you had a negative experience, this is not a time for paying interest on the past ... it is time to pull the learning from the ashes of anger.... this is a value lesson.

Step into the Recall chamber.  Recharge with reflection on lessons learned and put a fresh coat of paint on the hidden values you greet each day with.

Good Morning ... yes it is...and it will allow me a greater day.
Greater You, lets you find more than you remembered about you.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, and Author to My Day

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