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Friday, January 6, 2017

Awaken Your Day - Jan 6, 2017 - Your Path, You Lead

"Not everyone will understand your desire to transform. That's ok. It isn't their journey to understand."
- Internet quote

It is your path and you will lead the story how you see fit.

Be careful of two things. You should not alter your path just becuase some of those around you don't agree - however, for those that care about you and may worry due to not understanding, it does not hurt you to share with them some of what is going on inside you - so that they worry less, and may suitably support you more.

There is a whole lot of inspiration out there that says Blaze away and forget those that don't get on board... but it does not need to be the Lone Wolf mentality. I am a collaborator... so I attempt to look at it a little different. Often - it is a simple communication that realigns all things good.

Focus on the word "Transform" versus Change. Focus on "Lead" versus Abandon. Those that care, you can Lead them through your belief and desire about your transformation and you will allow them understanding without alot of effort. Those that question before they listen ... well, all you can do is let them sit back with their portion of the story - the worry or speculation - while you Focus on the path before you - and eventually, those paths should cross again.
Just a random thought on a Friday.

 Good morning, Greater Day. Greater You... Leading where you can.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

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