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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Happy New Year

Awaken Your Day – January 1, 2008

“One by one, we can be the better world we wish for.”
- Kobi Yamada

One by one. Starting with me. I will make a difference.

You stand at a drafting table.
Eager to be different.
Eager to do something
For this day you are a Designer.
A Professional Life Designer.
And I ask you only, what is your blueprint for today?

What you may not realize, is that you have this opportunity every single morning.
You have the power within you to Be and to create masterpiece after masterpiece. Day after day.
And the beauty is, that this power never diminishes.
It lies within you, waiting to be touched when you desire to turn it on.

One goal I have for this new Beginning – is to bring Life, Passion and Purpose to an unnoticed moment of each and every day. One by one, each day until I have found my way to live each and every moment of each and every day to the fullest. Moments I realize now, in years gone by, that I let slip through my fingers. I was not aware. Now, I am.

I begin this New Year, Under New Management. Care to Join Me?
“Together we will have, be, and do the things that yesterday thought impossible.” -MJ

Pierre Couturier – January 1, 2008
Author – “All She Is…”
LPU Representative
Success Is Yours
Personal Development and Business Opportunity 1-888-719-5819
Awakenyourday.com – under construction and coming soon.

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