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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

AYD - December 31

Awaken Your Day – December 31, 2007

“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong, because someday in your life, you will have been all of these.”
- George Washington Carver

Opportunity Monday – and it grabs hold today with added distinction.

Today, we round out one chapter and prepare to begin another. A new year is upon us, and a great opportunity awaits you, and I.
We can start by recognizing that we all share the experiences of each level of this life. What Mr. Carver says is true, and we should stop and examine our reactions to each example as we meet it. We were young once, and we will grow old. We have dreams that started out with us reaching. And we have had our weak times when we needed a hand, and strong times when we had a hand to give.
Just a thought to carry forward as we make promises to ourselves of better results, “this year.”

While you ponder resolutions or plans for making changes for the better… don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking that there is so many things that need improvement. Might I request for your success that you keep the list short, and stay calm. Maybe you could just think about some thing you would like to give a little more attention to.

“When there is something you perceive to be valuable, you take good care of it.”
- Dr. Glenn Pickering

Dr. Pickering goes on to give examples of how we park our new shiny car away from the others to avoid scratches…or how we hang our nice coat up nice and neat so as not to get it dirty by just throwing it on the floor. So, my thought is that the one thing we could all perceive as a little more valuable, is ourselves.

Make one of your plans for the new year … simply to value YOU a little more, and in so doing…you will take better care of you on many levels…many that your resolutions may not even focus on. You – are that shiny new car.

A little more valued attention on you, goes a long way around. I cannot begin to count the ways you will be rewarded, but then there is also those around you that will get the ripple effect as well.

Thanks for the year and thanks for helping to make the last few chapters of 2007, a little easier than the first few.
Happy New Year – May our little community grow, and the value of our ideas and thoughts continue to be shared. New announcements coming very soon.

Pierre Couturier – December 31, 2007
LPU Representative
Author – “All She Is…”
Success Is Yours

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