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Monday, January 14, 2008

Awaken Your Day - January 14, 2008

Intentional Change
A couple weeks ago, my wife and I began an intentional change.
We did not like the way we felt. I did not like the way my stomach was beginning to arrive to my appointments before me. I looked in the mirror and just said, “No.” I did not attack myself with negative. What is done is done. No time to give to yesterdays or blaming myself, or what I did “wrong”. No, I just asked myself what it was that I stopped doing to get to this point. And so, it began.

About 10 days ago… I found out I was 217.4 lbs. That would be about 33lbs of man I don’t remember wanting to be. I figured it was time to tell some of that reflection that I did not want it in my shirts anymore.
Today, I said good morning to 209.

How am I doing it? One step at a time. I chose a beginning, and I Awakened to a Lifepath, and I am following it right to the door of my dreams. I am basically just doing that which I have asked myself to do. Listen to the teachers I have found, listening to my experience and my past successes, and now I am slowly establishing the lifestyle I need to attain my goals. I had a desire for something I wanted. I set a goal. I made a plan. I realized I really do believe in myself, and then … I took action.

Nothing wild and crazy so far. I have said often that I am overwhelmed with everything I am trying to accomplish, so how could I drop everything and put all my attention to one thing? I knew I could not. But I can still dedicate some focus to it. So, I set a realistic goal. I found room in my schedule, and I am doing it.

Real simple…I began by finding a comfortable beginning. And when I say “I” at any time, I mean my wife and I, for we are doing this together. We share support and all achievement. So, my comfort zone began with an i-pod; nice and small to strap to my arm. And new shoes and new exercise pants that fit comfortably. For me, distractions take away results. That meant a bulky walkman, sore feet and pulling up my drawers.

The cardio is every morning. Just a half hour. That is a half hour more than I did all year last year…and I am doing that each morning. The last ten in a row. I also listened to one of the Luminaries from our dramatically growing prosperity development community, Shane Ellison, The People's Chemist, and changed a couple things in my diet. Just a couple to start. Less sugar, more water. No soda. Almonds for snacking, and salad a bit more frequent. Regular breakfast after our cardio of 3 or 4 eggs and my bread is sprouted grain for it’s low glycemic index. I put in a better effort for a good lunch, where before I often skipped. We cook a regular supper and I just watch my portions. Your body can only handle so much at one time so I don’t eat 2 helpings.

So far…that is it. More changes will be added. When I make sure they are not lined with negative pressures or expectations that will set me up to fail. I am making intentional changes. They are my changes. They are for my success, not only in my physical feeling, but in my emotional achievements. One step at a time. I will keep you posted.

What Intentional Change do you want to set in motion for you today? What is holding you back?
It’s Opportunity Monday – and I say … nothing can stop you. Just make your move with purpose.

Welcome to a new week, may it be as great as you want it to be.

Pierre Couturier – January 14, 2008
Author – “All She Is…”
LPU Representative
Success Is Yours
Personal Development and Business Opportunity 1-888-719-5819

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