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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Awaken Your Day - May 28, 2008

There was a time when I traded present moments, to continually relive past annoyance.

There was a time when I would spend alot of time, rehashing the same old trash talking, negative thinking, boo hoo hoo, somebody wronged me, oh woe is me, why me, why them, how could this be, can you believe that, oh I couldn't wait to tell you this - garbage.

I encourage us all to touch the past. I encourage all of us to revisit GOOD memories and events so that they might rejuvinate the feelings we had that were great then, and we can then see their value again now - renewed and vibrant with a more mature understanding.

There is a fine line between revisiting our past and dwelling on it. One must sit down and open a photo album with the heart set on "smile". It is fun to flip through photos with a friend or loved one and watch their face as they tell you the stories behind these moments that may very well have shaped us to whom we see today.

Assignment Wednesday.

I would like to revisit only 5 memories from our youthful days. I would like us all to get on our journey of going to work or facing our day with a little good trip down memory lane.

What were 5 things you liked about your younger years? And let yourself float to the pages of memories that will come with each of them. I think it may have been awhile since you enjoyed those moments.

Were you on a team of some kind?
Maybe your first kiss?
That summer vacation.
Your best friend from grade 1.
Your best friend that you have not seen in 24 years.

There were some great moments that played roles in our smiles and comforts. Use them for what they are. Touch them again if you can. Reach out and let good things that create genuine good feelings help you to kick off the middle of your week.

Good morning.
Pierre Couturier – May 28, 2008
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