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Monday, June 2, 2008

Awaken Your Day - June 2, 2008

What did you do with your weekend?

I sit here this morning and I feel my momentum building. You see, I had a good weekend. And that is how I am going to lead into my week. I have that ability, because I have that choice. So do you.

The “freedom” of the weekend may be over by way of the calendar, but my achievements are rolling over and on.

I did not win the lottery. I did not get to the lake. I was not actually even feeling well all weekend. But I did attain some success that will help me run right thru this imaginary Monday barrier. In fact, if I let it, my weekend feelings of success will have me crossing off ten things on Monday’s “To Do” list before many people will be out of the fog of the alarm clock.

What is my definition of success this morning? Well, not much in the big picture, but when we calculate the peace of mind it gives me – it comes down to this.

I had a nagging repair on my car taken care of. In that I was reminded about the luxury I have in my good friend John being a trustworthy man and mechanic. I had no worries.

It took awhile but my taxes are all sent in. Did some document chasing, but the burden is off of my shoulders now. I feel much lighter in the tension filled ‘unfinished task department’.

Sorted some things in the basement so now I can actually move around down there and see floor. And now I can get at the rest of the mess at a later time. One thought – “Garage Sale”. Yes, that means we got the garage tidy as well.

Visited some friends for a bar b que get together. No biggy for an achievement list you say? Well, this was good because I was not watching the clock. I sat and visited and RELAXED without the urgent need to do anything else. The value from that is growing on me. The value of that quality time is one of my dreams and motivation to get my business moving for this family and my business partner and friends.

It is amazing how much better things feel when you are relaxed. Some of you know the point I am getting at. Those that stopped reading this 3 paragraphs up, you will know some time.

Clutter. As many of you have heard me say, clutter is my biggest obstacle. My bad habit. My nemesis. The part of my physical environment that distracts me from million dollar ideas. This weekend saw us succeed in overcoming some of this hurdle to the tune of 4 bags of recycling.

Old things I have been promising myself I was going to read.
Magazines from the year… never mind.
Picture this, 4 full bags of Useless out of my life. Like those pictures you see on television of what a pound of fat really looks like. 4 bags off my mind and not tripping me on my path to Personal Prosperity.

I look at my bookcase in my office and I feel less burdened. I feel lighter. My thoughts a whole lot more clear.
This feeling was beneficial when I sat down with my business partner to work on my online store. Oops…did I say that? Shhh…part of the announcement coming soon.

My longwinded point being, you may not have accomplished everything you laid out for yourself these last few days. Some of us put a lot of pressure on to get too much done. Rather than focus on what you didn’t do, we need to train ourselves to ride higher on the back of what did get accomplished and how that list can give us good momentum for the days to come.

So should you get asked that wonderful question this morning, “What did you do this weekend?”, you can feel good when you think about it – and you can comment positively about what you did do, and not sound drained or defeated by those things you can get to later.

Good morning.

Pierre Couturier – June 2, 2008
Author – “All She Is…”
LPU Representative
Success is Yours – With Prosperity Designers Inc. and Wealth Creators Inc.
Personal Development and Business Opportunity 1-888-719-5819

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