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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Sept 11 - Yesterday

Often in a moment, like many of you today, we may find ourselves reflecting on a point in time that has come, and gone.

If you were to put all of our thoughts together as we ponder the then and now, we would be in unison like a choir as our thoughts rang out the chorus of
"If Only I knew then, what I know now. How things could be so much different."

This day represents a great deal to a great many. Not to make light of that, but I realized that each day of the past has a great meaning to many - and so it is with that thought that I say we should surely acknowledge those moments; those days gone by.

But in that acknowledgement, let us find the strength to release the burden of regret, and unchain the weights of "What If".

This moment right now still waits to be sculpted. Our clay from our yesterdays is now stone. We can look upon it, and know what each line of the sculpture means and represents ... and it is our duty to ourselves and to all components of yesterday that we hold dear, to carry forward that knowledge, to take that and to shape each day with what you know now.

What you know now is a strength for this moment, so that you can build stronger all those to come.

Good morning.


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