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Friday, September 26, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Sept 26 - Take It

Sometimes, it must be a simple and direct thought to grab the day and mold it. But you must appreciate the depth of the message even in it's brief design.

Carpe Diem -

Seize the Day.

Oh, seriously...who am I kidding? Me be brief? When so often I mention that these meaningful phrases in our lives that we hear from different places, they need a little more that we can touch to fully grasp what it means to us - so it does not become just an off the cuff, casually repeated, not felt phrase.

So...for me, Carpe Diem - today I have a meeting and I will not go into it thinking..."Aw, another meeting!? "

I woke up tired, but Good tired because I slept well and I will recognize that and lose the sluggish beginning.

I have an opportunity to enhance conversations before they begin, by being in an upbeat and enjoyable position. I am choosing to be aware of that.

We have a team function happening today and I will play my part in keeping the humor in the air so that the team and I enter a weekend on an uplifted and forward note.

It is the little choices, and observations I have around me, that enable me and all of us to easily Seize the Day. It begins with your first ten breaths and a choice. Challenge yourself - to seize the day. Everyday. This is how prosperity begins. In all areas of my life, and I predict yours as well.

And ... away we go.
Good morning, good day.

100 Day Challenge

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