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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 17 - Difficult Times

These are difficult times for all of us.

Sorry, did not mean to begin on a down note, but part of succeeding at a time like this is facing things head on and not sugar coating the truth.

What is happening in our world around us affects us all in some ways. Some of us directly and in our face. Others, thru someone they know experiencing some harsh times.

Today, you play a role. Aside from all of our discussions about Victim or Victor - and keep that in mind, the choice is always yours - you play a role of demostration and support.

If you are suffering hardship at this time, you need to demostrate calm for you and your family and do all you can to focus, so you can utilize every ounce of your experience and talents to see thru the clouds that darken our sunshine and find a solution. You are not alone. It may seem very difficult but you must try.

If someone you know is experiencing the difficulty, your role is support. What can we do to help? It does not need to be money. We just need to examine the situation and see where we can make things smoother while this person we care about struggles to find that way thru the cloud. Care.

We are all affected somehow, someway by all that is happening around us.
If we all can agree to not give in and become overwhelmed by it, we can change the tide.
Alone we feel defeated far too easily.

One act of random kindness.
Choosing to be a Victor and not a Victim.
Think about what you have to give - even if just a moment of listening.
Keep our eyes up, and looking at where we are going, and not down in despair.
Ask, "How are you doing?" , and then Listen to the answer.

Refuse to accept hard times as the way it must be.
Opportunity is lingering, although sometimes in disguise.

Good morning - and may we play our role very well.


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