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Monday, June 11, 2012

AYD - June 12, 2012 - Hi ! What's new?

Inspiration can find you anywhere.
So I was not surprised today to find it tapping me on the shoulder from a simple moment that we live quite often.

I spoke with a friend today that I had not spoken to in some time.  And, right on cue, the thought entered my brain to ask, "What's new with you?"

As I was reflecting on our friendship this evening, and my question, my mind started to go back over memories of then, and knowledge of my friend's "now".  I smiled at how the changes he has made have made him happier, and opened new doors that he may have missed had he not ventured out and pursued his goals.  I wondered if he thought of who he was just a few years ago.  How things change.

And then the little "Ah hah" moment came to me.  And I asked myself the same question I had posed earlier. "What is new with you?" 

We answer it all the time in convesation, but really, it is just a quick summary that we give to others in a conversation that is meant to be a bullet point response and a few "Good for you"'s and then off to the next topic or on to our destination.

What do you suppose you would say if you could ask yourself the question, and then ease back and relax while you reviewed the details of all that is new with you.

Take a few moments to yourself today, and run a thought or three past the last 5 years of your life.  You need only focus on the accomplishments.   How far have you come?  What bridges did you cross?  What value did you give, and what value do you now recognize all around you? Who are you?

What's new with you?
And please, take your time in enjoying the story you tell.

Good morning.
Pierre Couturier
Happy Husband, Sensitive Dad, Proud Author, and Visitor of Memory Lane

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