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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

AYD - Jan 10, 2013 - Thursday Upgrade, Be Nice

"There are more pleasant things to do than beat up people. "
- Muhammad Ali

You have something to do today.
Change a moment.

Should you encounter a time today when someone out there does something incorrect, or makes a mistake that they should know better on, or just plain gets on your last nerve because of something they do ... trade the next moment for a new one. 

"I'd like to exchange this emotion please.  Yes, yes. Can I have that one there, the one that is more relaxing, accepting and 48% more useful?  Perfect.  Just my size. I have seen it advertised alot but have had a hard time finding it.  Thank you.  I will be back for more, I am sure."

You do no one any good if you choose to attack or berate or give your best impression of hostility.  They get embarrassed, you have a moment of a release valve but as soon as you close your lips the pressure mounts again because you have not addressed the cause of the intensity.

Breathe.  Nothing comes out well riding an emotional wave into the wall.

Task Thursday.  Trade in one useless emotion, for a better one.  Call it upgrading.

Here forth known as Thursday Upgrade.  A day you choose to consciously seek a self betterment moment.

I  will be honest... I may need to make more than a few trades today. 
And now, I look forward to it.

Good morning. 
Pierre Couturier
Lucky Husband, Proud Daddy, Happy Author, and now a new kind of Daytrader.

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