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Thursday, January 10, 2013

AYD - Jan 11, 2013 - 400 Defining Moments

Today is a defining moment for me. 
400 times I have sat and shared with you my thoughts, philosophies and moments to Awaken Your Day.
Before the blog I used to send AYD out by email.  More than another hundred, I have to count to make sure.
But for me, this number is a nice defining moment.  A marker really.  A pin on my map outlining my path.
I confess to you that we should have shared this post a long time ago.  At least 2 years ago, had I been true to myself, and the message I have to share.

But ... we are here Now.  We still got here and we still get to reflect on this moment as it represents a point I enjoyed working toward.  As I look back thru the archives, I feel that welcome satisfaction of messages and philosophies that still hold true, that are still relevant to my life, my journey and my voice. 

I get the pleasure of not only the meanings again, but the recollection of the journey that each of those posts carried me on.  The self surprise at how my own expression came out on some days...and the self administered kick in the butt over some of the days where I can see now my heart may not have given it's all that day.

What is my point?  Reflection.  Remembering. Reenergizing the power and the value in your milestone moments..your defining moments that have carried you on the river.  The places you have seen.  The stories you have to tell.  Raging water moments, and calm still water moments.  "I earned this!" moments, and, "I can do this !" moments.

Obstacles you overcame.
Tears you shed for joy.
Successes...set backs.
I did it ... and I have to try again.

You get the idea.
You were there.  You lived each and every one.

So now... you need to understand something, just like I did.  Every one of those defining moments that mark your course ... they are our very own renewable resource.  Available whenever needed. They are our power center when batteries are low.  They are your secret weapon, against future tests.

Use your defining moments as a resource tool to identify all those hidden attributes you often forget you have. 
Tough times you have already had, and you stood tall again.  You have tasted success after working hard on something that mattered, and you earned it.

Defining moments, they may just be the blueprint we had tucked away, for the chapter we have yet to write.

Good morning.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author... and very fortunate man.

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