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Friday, February 1, 2013

AYD - Feb 1, 2013 - The Power of You

"My mother said to me, 'If you become a soldier, you'll be a general; if you become a monk, you'll end up as the Pope'.  Instead, I became a painter and wound up as Picasso."
- Pablo Picasso

Messages can be deep, and make us think about greater meaning and definitions.  Sometimes, this is very enlightening and self inspiring.

Sometimes,  messages can be simple, but packaged and delivered up in deep words and phrases.

And often, they are both so we receive the message differently depending on how we are feeling or where we are emotionally at that moment ... and we respond in connection with that influence.

Today - take it easy.  You do not have to go deep, to find inspiration.
If you are so inclined, then please be my guest and go to the land of deep thoughts, however I am not asking you to this morning.

Instead, it might just be relaxing to carry a light weight thought with you today as your constant ally.

"Whatever you are, be a good one."  ( I have got to remember who wrote that!)

Success does not have to be measured on some grand scale. Nor does it need be compared to your neighbor.  You define your success on any and all levels.  But certainly you must want it.

All I ask of you is that you count on and review often all of your personal success moments, and do not disregard them.  Give yourself the momentum to drive on to further success, by recognizing all you have achieved already.

Aim high, and you will reach further.  Recognize what you have done, and stand taller.

Thank you for sharing the week.  Have a great weekend.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author... and Adding to my list of Personal Successes.

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