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Monday, March 11, 2013

AYD - March 11, 2013 - Be Bigger Than the Bear

"If you are bigger than the bear, the bear won't eat you."
- Atch L. ( former co-worker)

I recall I was preoccupied with one of many frustrating work elements, and just about into full stride on my way to complete melt down regarding my job as a whole.  The atmosphere was a thick cloud of negativity; mine and seemingly everyone around me.  Every day had become deja vu with no clarity enhancing rays of light breaking through.

And along come Atch down the hall.  A smart man, one of the greatest industry experienced I have ever worked with.  Normal height but larger than life personality.  The kind of guy, that when you find out which project you are being shipped off to, if you found out you were working with him, you instantly felt energized about being on the project. 

Middle of the day.  Nothing specific going on except stress in the hallways; every hallway.  And along comes Atch, just walking for himself with his arms straight up and high above his head.  He was not looking at me, just past me and off in the distance down the hall.  Then he caught my confused glance, made eye contact and just continued his pace.  Without me having to ask, he offered casually, "If you are bigger than the bear, the bear won't eat you."

And instantly, I got it.

Our working environment was truly stressful on everyone.  It was just that point in this particular project.
Lots going on, not alot of staff, people over tasked, and only so many hours in a day.  But with an unexpected, off the wall gesture... I found a way to pause, take a breath and stop the madness.  Long enough for me to sort out my thoughts and tasks and loose ends.  And it just kept running thru my head, "If you are bigger than the bear, the bear won't eat you."

I do not always remember this right when I need it, and often I confess I really need a step stool and be on my tippy toes to be bigger than the symbolic "bear", but these words and the way they entered my life have never really left me.

Be it work, be it cancer, be it choices and consequences, it is the same.  Be bigger than the bear.
Maybe it is bills, or loved ones, or you lost your way on route to your dream.  Be bigger than the bear.
Your job, your partner, or the meeting in five minutes.  Be bigger than the bear.

I think you get it.
Pay it Forward Week.
I offer you this on Opportunity Monday, "If you are bigger than the bear, the bear won't eat you."

Great morning, great day.  Great you, better day for everyone else.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author... and Saddling up...to Ride My Bear.

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