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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

AYD - April 16, 2013 - Self Test Tuesday

"While I believe in the power of positive thought, I do not believe that you or I can simply psyche ourselves into success or peace of mind.”
- Stephen Covey

I believe that with Positive Thought comes great things.  Those great things, come from a chain reaction, started by continuous, consistent, positive energy and outlook.  Find the lesson in everything.  Pay it forward for your benefit and the ripple effect reaches out that benefit to touch others. 

I believe that consistant positive approach, helps you to adopt it ( positivity)  as habit and part of your personality.  As this becomes part of you, the impression on you and within you becomes deeper and more permanent.  The more it is part of you, the more you leave that mark on others like a sunrise. This positive feel, this looked forward to personality, arrives with you, as part of you, and as something people are drawn to.  You are laying the foundation, and it is expanding.

So... all of this I believe starts from consistant positive expression and frame of mind.  Now... it does not just give you success, and it does not just give you peace of mind.  Now you have to act, as you think.

Put your positive energy into action.  Let the energy lead you.  Procrastination leaves the door open behind it when Positive Belief comes by for a visit.  Part of the Chain Reaction....but you must take the next step.

I am much more positive than I used to be.  I will give myself credit for that...as should you.  I am taking action in some ways... but admittedly I can do more.  I recognize this. 

The difference today is that in the past, I would have admitted I was not happy with my lack of success.  I would have admitted I had myself to blame.  And then I would have wasted alot of energy focussed on the blame and the woulda, shoulda, coulda game.

Self Test Tuesday.  Can you ask yourself how Positive you are in your day?  Do you see things on the half full or half empty side of perspective?   Can you see a place to tip the balance for the better?

How do you change the world? With one simple act of Kindness at a time.  How do we change our results...start with one positive thought...and let it tell two friends...and then they touch two friends...and so on and so on....until, frame of mind naturally takes you by the hand and you act positive in alignment with your thoughts. 

Wow...I can positively tell you that this did not come out the way it was supposed to. 
Just go think a good thought and see where it takes you.

Good morning, Great day.  Great you, a better day for everyone else.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author and sometimes very wordy.

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