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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

AYD - Feb 25, 2014 - Small Steps, Big Travels

"Big, sweeping life changes really boil down to small, everyday decisions."
- Ali Vincent, Biggest Loser Season Winner

Life is funny.
It gives us tasks that seem connected to nothing, and then at some point we "Ah Ha" and connect a Life Lesson to some experience we have already been thru that gives it justification.

I used to sweep floors in a fabrication shop.  A very large fabrication shop.  I used to do this alone.  I started at one end, and worked my way all around the entire shop while work was going on. 

At first, it appears like an endless task, but with each section you look back and see not only the difference it made by comparison to what still needed to be done, but also I would see that it did not take a lot of effort to do a good job on a piece of the whole.  And then, I was more attentive to the next ... and the next.

I look at tasks I want to accomplish around the home.  And then I look at personal goals that will take time, and I top off my thoughts with work and duties and goals there that demand a percentage of my time inventory.  There simply is not enough time once I mix in family time and life etc. 

Or is there?

"Declutter" is one of my big sweeping life changes.   I am making a small decision, to attack one portion, each and every day.  Slow consistent progress will remove the item from my unfinished stress pile to the "In Process" pile, and will not infringe on my time commitments to other things. And it is measurable.  I discover there actually is time, and the progress I see proves it and feels more satisfying.  I notice the difference instead of the discouragement.

Do you have any big sweeping changes you want to address but dispel quickly because you think it takes too much commitment in a busy life?  Reevaluate.  Do a trial run.  Apply half an hour, or 15 min a day for a full week. 

You may be surprised what a combined 2.5 hours of focussed attention shows you on the achievement scale.

Good morning.
Greater day.
Greater you, might influence a sweeping change in someone else.

Pierre Couturier
Evolving Husband, More Well Rounded Daddy, and Author to my Day.

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