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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

AYD - Feb 26, 2014 - Just a Little TLC


He is five.  He is up for the fifth time in the short night. Runny nose.  Bad dreams. Not any one thing, but a few.  One thing for certain, as he stands sniffling and softly crying , he is asleep on his feet.  We, however, are not. 
Something in his tone, something in his “Mommy?”,  tells her there is a need for a certain touch.  And as tired as she is, not feeling 100% herself, she rises with slight urgency, but more so a much needed, “Yes baby?”
At this time of night, after his fifth venture into the dark to seek comfort yet again, she chooses the road often less travelled at times like these.  She reads the need and chooses the path of TLC.  A moment of dedicated attention, drying a tear and wiping a nose, and a tuck in like only mommy can do, and he is off to dream softly yet again.  Just…like….that.
It is not always easy to decipher the moments.  Those ones smothered by the haste, frustration, urgency and impatience of a busy or tired day.  It becomes so easy to be short and abrupt when dealing with moments that look more like an obstacle than a time needing closer examination.  Many times the weapon of choice to conquer a seemingly compounding pile of “AAAGGGHHHH” is a sharp tone or curt command.
Often we are caught in our Immediate Response and the launch button is punched before we take a moment to look at the evidence of any “offence”.  Be it a child in the night for the third, fourth and fifth time, or a co-worker that needs a little extra assistance again...  A guy in traffic that just doesn’t get it,  or a customer that cannot be satisfied.  Maybe even a husband that forgets to close the pantry door…again.
Opportunities for a different approach surround us.  Turning the other cheek is not always about taking abuse … sometimes it is about turning the cheek in order to get a better view of the path less taken. 

TLC of a moment is just as good for you as it is for those you apply it to.
Good Morning, Greater Day.
Greater You, opens the door for others to be greater as well.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

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