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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Awaken Your Day - Dec 11, 2017 - A Daily Ingredient for any Success

A shared memory from a post early on in my love for inspiration training. Original share was Aug 2007.

“Enthusiasm is by far the highest paid quality on earth, probably because it is one of the rarest; yet, it is one of the most contagious.”
- Frank Bettger

You may not recognize the name, but Frank Bettger wrote a little book back in 1947 titled, “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling.” Is it a good book? Well, it has been recommended to me from all angles. From Multi Level Marketing companies, to friends who sell cars. And so with all that enthusiasm these people had in the content of those pages, I thought it would be a good idea to find it. For the last 6 months, there hasn’t been a copy on a shelf that I could find. Seems the word got around. Seems it was a very good book.

I finally ordered the book, and now have a hard time putting it down. I find that many of Frank’s techniques and comments about selling can be paralleled with other daily life situations. And it is with that in mind, that I focus on Enthusiasm.

This one element of action, Enthusiasm, is what changed Frank’s life and turned him onto the path of becoming one of the greatest names in sales. And this one element can change your Lifepath and bring to you the success you desire in all your goals much faster, and with more enjoyment.
To become enthusiastic – act enthusiastic.

This is one thing you can do. And it will begin to show results, as you will undoubtedly see.
Some of the secrets to success I have found, are quite simple, as is this one. Simple action that begins to turn the reactions of many into rewards for you.

Before you is Monday, and a week of plans. Begin now to Awaken Your Day, with more Enthusiasm, and enjoy the results.

Good Morning , Greater Day. Greater You - adding Enthusiasm to the mix.
AYD - Pierre Couturier - Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.

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