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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AYD - Sept 25 2012 - Think and Step Forward

"Thinking is hard work; that's why so few do it."
- Albert Einstein

Today, I challenge you to take 5 minutes to yourself, and Think.

Focus on You for those five minutes.

Focus on one topic within your happy self.

Think about something you achieved.  Think about the effort you put in to get to that goal.  How you felt along the way.  The two steps forward.  The one step back.  The gains and the set backs.  The rush you felt as you neared completion.  The joy you felt when you succeeded.  Focus on the journey and all the stops along the way both physical and emotional.  Is the path you walked well mapped for you to walk it again?

Think about someone that brings you Joy.  A spouse, a child, a friend or a relative.  Think about the first thing that comes  to mind as you open the door to the thought of them.  Think about the first feeling you feel, and why.  Is there a memory that introduces your feelings to you?  If so, where did that feeling come from?  Walk backwards with the good feelings and find that moment when you first embraced.  Like one of those scenes in a movie where it quickly rewinds and takes us back to the start, so that we understand how we arrived at the Now in our story...Retrace those good steps and revisit the wonders of How and Why you are gifted with these Joy feelings each time.

These steps I ask of you, are to show you the moments and elements that have meaning, and to maybe rekindle your understanding of why they matter.  How our Good has evolved.  If we Think, with intent, we can arrive at a prize moment;  be it from memory, or from new creation of a new idea or plan for more success.

Success is a place with many wonderful apartments to visit.  Think with focus, and you will discover that you might just have keys to the whole building.

Good morning,
Good day,
Successful thinking.

Pierre Couturier
Thinking Husband, Thinking Daddy, Rethinking Author, Thinking...and seeing how I arrived here.

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