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Thursday, September 27, 2012

AYD - September 27, 2012 - "I Did It !"

"Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said could not be done."
- Sam Ewing

You can think of a time when this may have happened.  You can think of how you might have felt.  Really, it may have been simply at the time that you did not know the How, so when you attempted you felt it could not be...BUT when you were shown How...you enjoyed finding out that it could be done.

Often times in life we must be somewhat careful with messages we received.  So much of the meaning is interpreted by an emotion driving perception.  Do not focus on the wrong feeling.

I am reminded daily of how wonderful life must look thru the eyes of a 3 year old.  In my case, our son.  We see moments that we envy in the way a child's mind works, because we see moments where they are not bothered so much by our adult distractions.  This whole topic will be big for me in the coming months as I learn more about the value of their take on events, and how we should adopt some of that innocence again.

But for today, I just want to focus on achievement.  I see a young boy trying to do something for the first time ... maybe after he has seen another child have success.  A new toy, a puzzle, or bouncing a ball.  I see his discouragement and disappointment when it does not go perfect that first time.  I see his little heart breaking.  I see how easy it could be, how easy it is for so many of us, to just give up and feel adamant that it cannot be done or that WE just cannot do it; and whether you deny it or not, even adults sit in a corner and pout.

I see the frustration.  I can relate.  And I want to do what I can to take it away, before he accepts this set back as defeat.  I offer to help, and we do the task one step at a time ... and I witness his success grow a little at a time, and with it his interest to keep trying.  And finally, I get to share in his joy as his voice expands and his eyes light up and he proudly exclaims, "I did it!"  And then he is so eager to go show his mom with a bounce in his step.

We can do that.  We can choose to open our minds to another angle, or approach, right when we are ready to give in and accept less of ourselves than we can really achieve.  Today's statement might trigger your thoughts to think of one particular act, or task, that we then connect to the "lesson".  What if you thought of it in relation to your goals or your dreams.  We try, we hit an obstacle, for whatever reason, we start to swallow the hurt that we cannot find that successful moment ... but someone in this world is doing it, that is, achieving their dream.  They are working toward it, and making it happen.

When you think it cannot be done, when you feel your most discouraged, when your bottom lip sticks out and frustration wants to comfort you into feeling so much more of the same - that is just your dreams telling you it is time to take a breath... to step back, focus, remember why you wanted to do this.  Pause and watch someone else for reinforcement.  Break it down...and try again.

That is what we tell our little ones.  And they get back up and try again.
When it comes to our dreams in life...they can be achieved.  They can be done.

Strive for the moment when you can be like a child, and gush with joy, from the wonderful moment when you can say, " I did it !"

Good morning.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy, Author... and Striving to be a kid again.

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