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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 4 - True Value

"A good home must be made, not bought."
- Joyce Maynard

I would like to apologize, for the our lack of entries recently. And today's message may seem simple and not all that inspiring.

However, alot has been happening in our lives recently, just like everyone has times when more life is packed into a smaller than we are used to time frame.

Alot has been happening, and it all comes back to focus - on the value we feel inside that place we call "home".

When I was younger, I always thought of a home as a house that 'I was able to purchase.' My goal was based on ability to obtain an object - not create an environment of who I am and the values I carried forward. Values, I had not identified with at that time, were not in my worksheet.

It was all about obtaining. And so, on the road, I never created that 'home' no matter where I lived.

You have an apartment...or a trailer, or a house. You rent, you own...the bank owns. No matter.

Make the space, and the atmosphere, reflect the Home you want to feel good in. Make your dreams begin with the space around you, and those dreams will take more shape, as you strive to reach for and achieve the physical 'home' to go with the unmistakable 'feeling' of home.

Good morning


Monday, December 1, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 1 - One Random Act

"Kindness can become it's own motive. We are made kind by being kind."
- Eric Hoffer, Author and Philosopher

One random act of kindness ... one at a time ... today, tomorrow.
Opportunity Monday, knocks gently.

Good Morning.

One Act of Kindness Here