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Friday, December 19, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 19 - Simple Things

"Anything simple always interests me."
- David Hockney


Okay...Christmas, and socks.

Got a mental picture now, don't you?

Funny how things take on a whole different set of values, as our growth ( phyiscal, mental and emotional) progresses.

Christmas morning, all excited for presents and opening stuff and wondering what you got and Oh Ya one of those! and AWESOME ! you got that ...and .... and .... What's this? A package of socks? Who gives a package of socks? Really??

This morning I was getting ready and much to my disappointment I realized I did not have any clean work socks. More, I did not have any clean pairs of those ones I like, those cushiony ones that make my feet not hurt.

Those cushiony ones that make my feet feel good.

Those...grey socks, with the little emblem on top that should sit right over my middle toe cause then the seam is in the right place and oh you remember when we found those and how soft they were on my feet and how good that made my whole body feel because we know what happens when my feet get sore they just ache and I feel it all up my back and I can feel the agrivation coming on and I get grouchy when my feet hurt and why can't every pair of socks feel like that much cushion and I sure wish I had just one more pair hidden here in the drawer if I could just find one more pair hidden here somewhere it would be just like, I don't know like a gift or something boy would it be a nice surprise to find just one more of those pairs ya that would make my day be just like a ... Christmas morning, when I was a kid.

Socks. Then, and now.

What else in your day may fall under the same banner, or evolved story of meaning...as socks?

I challenge you to find the value in all the simple things in your day that we often overlook...until it is not there.

Objects, people and abilities to do things.
Count your "socks" - count your blessings.

Good morning, good counting - and I urge you to comment here on the things you get reaquanted with.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 18 - Who might you be?

"Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don't turn up at all."
- Sam Ewing

As soon as you mention "hard work" most people picture immediately some form of manual exersion. Hard work... is all around us.

Relationships are work.
Your job is work.
Raising a child, keeping a home, maintaining family values, making new friends, keeping old friends, becoming all you can be with your own personal development ...

All are work.

All can be listed under, "Hard Work".

And so I ask you - Who might you be in each of the catagories we mentioned?

Do you roll up your sleeves and do what must be done, for you are the better for it?
Do you turn up your nose, and turn your back for whatever reason?
Do you put any thought into it at all?

And, are you better off in your definition.
I know in some, I have had to change my response and my action.

Good morning.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 17 - Difficult Times

These are difficult times for all of us.

Sorry, did not mean to begin on a down note, but part of succeeding at a time like this is facing things head on and not sugar coating the truth.

What is happening in our world around us affects us all in some ways. Some of us directly and in our face. Others, thru someone they know experiencing some harsh times.

Today, you play a role. Aside from all of our discussions about Victim or Victor - and keep that in mind, the choice is always yours - you play a role of demostration and support.

If you are suffering hardship at this time, you need to demostrate calm for you and your family and do all you can to focus, so you can utilize every ounce of your experience and talents to see thru the clouds that darken our sunshine and find a solution. You are not alone. It may seem very difficult but you must try.

If someone you know is experiencing the difficulty, your role is support. What can we do to help? It does not need to be money. We just need to examine the situation and see where we can make things smoother while this person we care about struggles to find that way thru the cloud. Care.

We are all affected somehow, someway by all that is happening around us.
If we all can agree to not give in and become overwhelmed by it, we can change the tide.
Alone we feel defeated far too easily.

One act of random kindness.
Choosing to be a Victor and not a Victim.
Think about what you have to give - even if just a moment of listening.
Keep our eyes up, and looking at where we are going, and not down in despair.
Ask, "How are you doing?" , and then Listen to the answer.

Refuse to accept hard times as the way it must be.
Opportunity is lingering, although sometimes in disguise.

Good morning - and may we play our role very well.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 16 - Energy Redirected

It seems often at this time of year, that I find myself feeling more peaceful thoughts. More melancholy toward things. I catch myself in thought about someone whom I have not spoken with in awhile, or had some disagreement with.

I tend to put away some of the anger or resentment that had been accompanying thoughts of this person, and turn another page toward more of what really matters.

Maybe it is the season, the atmosphere.

Maybe it is just so tiring to be angry and it takes away the fun and the good energy that should be overflowing from my thoughts and well wishes.

It really does take energy to be angry with someone.

And what do we get in return?

Do we win the imaginary arguements we play out in our head? Come on, you know the one; in your fantasy you get the opportunity to tell them exactly how you feel and you are not intimidated so it comes out full blast and perfectly worded and you let them have it and in your thoughts they understand finally what was so obvious before but somehow they treated you badly.... and so on, and so on....and we roll in the negative thoughts.

Of course you win in your daydream...when they say sorry in your mind and you have this weight lifted off your shoulders...thinking, "Ya, that's what I would say...that would do it. That would make them feel horrible for how they made me feel."

If you call that winning. Now you find yourself at the end of an imaginary storyline and you are all revved up and you have turned the volume up on what annoyed you. And then we tend to hit the repeat button...imagining another time, another victory...for the same hurt, and so on and so on.

A wise friend once told me, "When it hurts more to hang on, that it does to let go ... Let go."

At the time it was about a bad relationship I was in. But you can use it for long living disagreements, and issues with family, or what ever may be the thorn with someone you have in your life. Are we overlooking and losing out on value - time for sharing - growing and experiencing life - maybe creating much better memories that make whatever the issue is fade away to forgotten irrelevance?

I urge you to examine any conflicting relationship you have right now. Pick one. Someone you care for, but you feel you are or have been wronged. I am not saying you have to call them and lay yourself out there for what you deem as more abuse. What I am asking is that you take a closer look at the situation and ask yourself what merit it holds.

Is it worth getting worked up over? Is it hurting you more to hang onto this?

Can you just release your grip on this rope that binds you to it - and just feel the stress leave your shoulders, your neck...and yes, your heart? What you do after you release is totally up to you for you know your situation, and I realize that just thinking pretty and peaceful thoughts does not always repair damage right away.

But if you could start by identifying that this feeling, expressed or held in, most likely does you no good to hang onto - and then, just breathing deep, looking around you at what is truly meaningful to you...and just release, you could then much better evaluate how you really feel, and what is your best plan of action for your self worth, your truth to your own self, and the effects on your ability to express how you feel.

Where does this lay on my importance scale? Is it relative to my dreams and ambitions, or is it detrimental and draining of my energy?

Make peace with something today. A feeling, a person, or a feeling about a person...just find something that you have been holding a lead rope too, and let it go.

One thing.

And mine will be two.

That friend you call, theirs will be the third.

Her sister, she will find a fourth.

You get the picture. Are you reminded of a role you can play today?

And ... maybe, just maybe, this afternoon we will be able to prioritize our thoughts and remember that Christmas is only a short time away.

There are alot of reasons I have to feel Joy this year.

And as I choose to think of those reasons, I am able to release my hold on a rope or two.

Good morning.

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Awaken Your Day - Dec 15 - Do It Your Way

"When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world."
- George Washington Carver

Many of you would be familiar to some extent with Frank Sinatra's famous, "I Did it My Way".

Once again I see a statement that we all take on surface level, and we absorb the meaning for the moment that we hear it, and then we carry on doing things the way the masses do. There is such an addiction to keeping close to what is familiar among people.

I have thought at times, that this could actually be the most serious of all addictions the human race will face. To be so totally dependant on doing things by the book. Or in a manner that is comfortable. And this is for anything. From our daily routine, to your dependancy on a J.O.B. to how we raise children to how we teach ourselves to how we brush our teeth to how we express our love to how we dress to how we plan a wedding .... and so on, and so on, and so on.

Tradition, or habit, or fear...call it what you will. We often do not consider doing things a bit different that "usual". We do not consider it unless we make ourselves aware of how we feel about something, and then make the bold statement, "I am going to be different."

I am tempted to say, spice it up.

How does anyone think we evolve thru the ages, if not for someone having the idea, and then the courage to just do it a bit more like the way they want?

I could list ideas and examples all day. But that is not the point.

You, can make a game of it. Ask yourself today as you do things...is this the way I would do it? If I had control, what would I adjust or do slightly different?

Do this at your job, so you might find a way or a suggestion for improvement.
Do this in your morning routine, to fix things that maybe you were not aware of that drain your energy because you are just following the template.
Do this with your relationship ... and ask yourself, why can't I be like that scene in the movie that everyone says is too good to be true? If it makes my partner that excited and happy, is it not a great thing to try?

Add an element of energy to something you do today, and tap into your creative side even for the simplest things in this life.

It is after all.... Opportunity Monday.
How will you design your hostile takeover of the routine actions that smother your creativity?

Good morning...Do it your way.

Pierre Couturier
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