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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awaken Your Day - June 3 - Game On

Would you like to play a game?

The idea is very simple. And it will be even better if you don't feel like it. Better still if you are having a difficult start to your day. Let's for now call it distraction with intent.

As you go thru your day, stressed or not, and you come across people...the first part is to look for those people that are smiling as they pass by. This is important. Just the smilers. We play a different game with those non smilers later.

Now, is the smile on the lips only?
Are their eyes smiling too?
Are they off in space?
How deep does it go? Can you tell?

And the game begins.
What are they smiling about?

You get to create an idea in your mind based on what you see in a quick first impression...as to just what they may be smiling about.

You get to be creative, simple, silly and even far reaching. You only have a few seconds as they come close and then they go by so you must think on your feet. You can carry your thought thru long after they are gone if you wish, and in fact.... I encourage it. But you have to come up with a reason for that smile quickly at first.

I used to wonder as a kid when we would travel and you would see people in other cars you pass...I would wonder, what would it be like to be you for 5 minutes... just to find out what put that smile on your face. Or what made that person bounce and dance in the driver seat with so much silly abandon...my first exposure to "Dance like no one is watching." And I would think..."can I have some of that?"

So...do you want to play?

The smile could be anything really. A good cup of coffee. Feeling awake. A good meeting. A thought of a child or loved one at home. Holidays coming soon. Just a good energy. A shared brightness. Maybe no reason at all.

I ask you to think of what makes another person smile. Create it quickly.

Part two. Do you find yourself relating to any of the reasons you may have found? Do you share any reasons or did you touch on a personal thought as you explored the possibilities for someone else's happiness? Did your thought of THEIR reason suddenly go to your own?

You win this game...if you can come up with enough thoughts that put a smile on YOUR face.
You see...the idea is to become a smile that everyone else is examining too.

Did you think you were the only one playing?

If I have things my way,
We will all be players in the game of -
"Would you like to guess a happy thought?"

And please...if you don't feel like playing,don't trip another player that is off in the clouds creating thoughts for someone else...

Good morning and welcome to a great day.

Pierre Couturier
Father, Husband, Author and Entrepreneur

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Awaken Your Day - June 2 - Going Crazy, Wanna come?

"Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane."
- Phillip K. Dick

Have you ever done something that was not like you?
Have you ever heard of someone referred to like, "Oh, he is just so crazy!"?
Ever done anything spontaneous?
Have you ever been really passionate about something, like a new relationship, that you just did things a little more loopy than usual?

Insane is a just a descriptive word to describe doing something necessary to bust out of the routine of our created reality. At least, that is what "insane" means here...today.

Insane is a descriptive state of mind for the passion we grab hold of and chase to bust loose of the flatline pattern we find when we sit and daydream about the

What If's....

and the

Gee, it could have been so...

and mostly the ...

I wish I could...

It is the start of the week, and ahead of you may lie some of the same old same old. But also ahead of you is the majority of the time in the week to spice it up...to change it...to maybe go a little insane.

Make an effort to kick the day off with a little more energy, and then share that energy with others. Infect them with your smile, or your wit. Become passionate about your day by redirecting the energy from "reality" to something more.

What are you passionate about in your life? Now...like a successful business person, speak it, love it, live it. And put that energy into your everyday functions.

Be the one they speak fondly of and smile when you are not around as they then share that detail about you...

"Oh Yeah!! He is so crazy!"

Good morning, you nuts.

Pierre Couturier
Father, Author, Entrepreneur

Monday, June 1, 2009

Awaken Your Day - June 1, 2009

Short and Sweet and to the point this morning.

Opportunity Monday.
You have not heard that expression for a few months from us here.

So what happens when you hear something you have not in a long time. You remember your connection to it from somewhere in the past. Memories and maybe emotions of a moment gone by get rekindled...you relive, you revisit something.

Opportunity Monday.

What will you pick up today, now that you remember what this day can do for you right now, and for the rest of your week?

You should write to us here and share your best Opportunity Monday story.
Good morning, and who is that knocking at the door?

Pierre Couturier
Father, Author, and Entrepreneur