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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Awaken Your Day - June 16 - Rain in the Morning

Something about the smell of rain in the morning.
That light rain, you know, that just sort of came just for you.
You vaguely recall hearing the soft sounds as it came down and you were still sleeping.
There was nothing urgent about it. Just as if the clouds gently tilted a watering can and the fresh water evenly encourages new growth ... of your day.

I find when I wake up and the window beside me is open just enough for that fresh breeze, and I get the first scent of rain just before I open my eyes ... I too am without urgency. Somehow with this one little element making it's way into my world, I instinctively take deeper breaths. My muscles do not ache. I feel less tired.

I will admit, I also feel a little less like going to work and more like snuggling but that is something I cannot recommend to you ... you can make that choice on your own.

But it makes me wonder. How can I get this feeling each and every morning, especially when it has not just graced me with the scent of refreshing and comforting rain?

Simply by choice. I can choose to Awaken in the morning, and begin my day knowing how much comfort I will provide myself by simply choosing to hold the moment. I will breathe deeply and savor it. I will breathe like this again and think of rain and other comforting thoughts. I will smell the rain from memory, but feel it's effect physically.

The mornings ask only that you appreciate them and take the gifts they offer.
We simply need to recognize what those gifts are ... and if I may say, they are plentyfull.
This morning the air is refreshed, as is the day from the aroma of a gentle summer rain.
I think I have time to enjoy it.

Good Morning

Pierre Couturier
Father, Husband, Author, Entrepreneur...and friend.