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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 24- A doorway to Celebrate

"Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation."
- John F. Kennedy

Your time is now.
The effort you put forward to make any kind of difference on what matters to you, that effort and energy all counts for something.

When you ask, "What can I do ?", do not let it be with that tone of despair or defeat. Presuming insignificance.

Ask it boldly, and with interest in an answer.

"What Can I do?"

You do not need to celebrate Christmas to adopt the need to Celebrate mankind at this time of year.

You do not need to buy presents or follow traditions that have no meaning to you to join in the Joyous attention that this time of year applies to our feelings of Goodwill, sharing, and making contact with the good in all people.

I think we have made it clear that you do not need an event, or special occasion to play a role, to make a difference; that all starts with you and can be expressed or acted out at any time and that is what we encourage. But seeing as how this is Christmas, and with this time comes a much more captive and receptive audience, along with the efforts of others who walk beside us in our efforts ... our time is Now.

Do a little ... to increase the total ... and together we make a larger difference.

Good morning...Great day.

Pierre Couturier

Monday, December 22, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Dec 22 - Your Day, Your Decision?

"Be your own best advocate. You have the talent, energy and truck-loads of charm necessary for success. Now, add to that a little more faith in your efforts and watch things happen."
- Horoscope calendar for today.

Do you ever read your horoscope?
Are you one of those people that as soon as you read it, whatever those words said, you felt it?

Did you believe it?

If it was good...did you grab it and run thru your day using it like a lottery ticket ?

If it was bad, did you give up on the day and drag it with you like a heavy weight draining your energy?

My point? Did you let something someone else wrote - someone who does not know you, has never met you, has no knowledge about your ambition, your dreams, or your passions... someone who just grouped you in with millions of other people who share your birth "sign"... did you let that person tell you about your "daily destiny" and how it is going to be the same as those millions of other people... and from their words you are being told if you will find success, discouragment or a blah blah blah kind of day??

Well...if you are that person who gives all your power of decision to some words in a newspaper ...then try this. Read all the horoscopes...and pick the best one to be yours.

Seriously. If you are going to give up your power that easily - you should at least pick a prediction that best suits your results. And if you don't like that...send me $15.95 and I will surely tell you how to live your day.

Make sense? Let someone, or something lay out your blueprint, and you could very well be choosing the end before you start.

Maybe it is not the horoscope...so you think you are safe.

Well, what about these wonderful destiny controllers?

Newspaper headlines?
Stock Quotes?
Alarm clock?
Lottery numbers?

Your crutch, you decide.
What fine line do you base your "daily destiny" on?

I invite you to take my horoscope from today, and treat it like a philosophy challenge.
It is not a "good day / bad day" prediction. It is an idea on how to take back control...

Opportunity greets you every morning at the very first fork in the road.
Your day. Your Decision on what path it will follow.

"You will have a good day, provided you choose to do so." - P

Pierre Couturier
Author - "All She Is..."
Reach and you will find hidden treasure -Here.