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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

AYD - April 23, 2014 - Out of Balance- Out of Mind

“I think the most significant work we’ll do in our whole life, in our whole world is done within the four walls of our home.”
- Stephen Covey

Word for the day - Balance.

We do not often sit down when things feel off.  Our mood, our day, our job.  Things don't feel right and we cannot put our finger on it.  Often, we stop there and just continue to feel off.

When our child is off, we should be analyzing his HALT while we search for understanding to his behaviour in a particular moment.  Is he  Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired ?  HALT.
My wife and I learned to apply the same concept to ourselves and we discovered it worked well.  It helped us recognize the cause of our feeling "out of balance" and gave us the tools to realign our mood, and thus our control on our responses.

Work can slowly pull you out of balance.  Our focus can easily go to the To Do list and the tug of war can creep to the exhausting side before we recognize the warnings. 

Remember your Balance.

Get your feet back under you by taking a breath in the mornings.  Look around at your Home and all the elements that make it.  Gaze upon the pictures on the wall; the faces, the stories.  Enjoy the quiet for a moment.  Home, is the creation of your balance.  Our feet fit well here in the Wall of Fame molds.

This is where all your success is built on and from.  Let it relieve that wobbly feeling ( in whatever form it brings to you).  Regain your Balance ... and then Begin your day.

Good Morning,
Greater Day.

Greater you, is a an example of Balance to remind others.

Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day

Monday, April 21, 2014

AYD - April 21, 2014 - Kick Start With Purpose

"I began to have an idea of my life, not as the slow shaping of achievment to fit my preconceived purposes, but as the gradual discovery and growth of a purpose which I did not know."
- Joanna Field

Thank you Ms. Field.  I read these words today and I found myself grateful for the simplicity and the knowledge that I was not alone in my thoughts.  A picture was given to repeated emotions.
As I grew up my ideas of success were started in a messy chunk of clay.  Not a block, as that would imply that it started out as a preshaped package of mentored ideas build on lessons learned and now waiting for my imagination to run wild with ideas on how to shape this nicely offered hand delivered shape into anything I wanted. 
No, Not a block... but a chunk.  Like someone handed you a Rubik's cube all messed up already and you had no idea where to start.  I had to tinker just to get an idea of a vision.  Had to work it, so I could get a hint of a picture, like looking at the clouds to see that which no one else can.  I had to follow a pattern, fail, examine, try again.
Over time, I felt anxiety for the shape of my purpose eluded me.  Alot of feelings come and go as we discover ourselves.  Axniety, haste, worry, failure, lost, desperate, remorse, some joy, some hope, some excitement.  Best of all, was over time, I began to feel comfortable.   The comfort came from being able to see the gradual growth of understanding of myself, and life experiences.  To, Connect the Dots.  I met, "Ah Ha!", and began to date Right, instead of Wrong, decisions.  I developed a better relationship.
So many lessons learned, now under my feet as stepping stones to more doors to open, and more purpose to reveal.  The more I understood, the better grip I had on decisions now before me.  The more appreciation I discovered for all that had come to me.  This all leading to clarity in my purpose.  Gradually ... the purpose I had not known.
So, a little heavy for a Monday ... but yet, really quite simple.  The reflection of your timeline and milestones in coming to know you and your purpose for what it is today ... makes any challenge show itself for what it is.  Not insurmountable, but rather, just another exciting day on the journey.
Monday is no different.  You have been here before.  Help it understand it's purpose.  Help others to see the value.  I never knew that Monday's purpose was to start me off right.  First gear. 
Many races are won at the starting line.  In the reaction time.  Tune up your purpose early ... for you overall, and for your week.
Good morning, Greater day.
Greater You, is a great leader for those around you.
Pierre Couturier
Husband, Daddy and Author to my Day.