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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Awaken Your Day - July 2 - Clean Canvas

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where you thoughts take you."
- James Lane Allen

Did you wake up this morning, right where your emotions left off yesterday?
Were you upset over something ... and now you are freshly upset on this new day?
Or...were you able to put away all the incomplete tasks, and any negative emotions that you may have had? Tuck them in as you would a child...and wish them sweet dreams?

Should a day take us down a path that is not our favourite, we need to work on our awareness of the thoughts and feelings we have and ensure that we do not carry them with us into those moments that are supposed to be peaceful and healthy for us. Much like you should never go to bed angry with your spouse, with an arguement unresolved, so should you avoid going to bed with ill tasting thoughts or feelings within you that will decide for you where your day will start. Would you rather be in control of your day from the first moment ... breathe deep and enjoy the peaceful slumber you just rewarded yourself with...or would you like to wake up with a fresh ray of sunshine packaging up a fresh layer of discontent from the day gone by.

It is not just our thoughts about our success and our dreams that decide where they will be for tomorrow's starting line up, it is also just our day to day thoughts and emotions that we need to be aware of. Our daily thoughts, if not managed, can be the distractions that keep our dreams and goals stuttering for progress each and every day.

How you manage your thoughts today - can give you a clean canvas to work with tomorrow.

Good Morning

Pierre Couturier
Father, Husband, Author, Entrepreneur and Friend.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Awaken Your Day - June 30 - Great Stories.

"He can make me love something just by showing me the energy with which he loves it."
- Heather Armstrong,

Do you know someone who is a great story teller? They draw you right in with their voice, their face, their animation and excitement. Maybe their humor at just the right time.

Do you know someone who is really good at telling jokes? They have really good delivery, and build up and then Surprise, the punchline ... and just the way they told it, made it funnier than the last time you heard it.

Both of those people boost your energy when you think of it don't they? They tell it well, and they tell it with a little zest. You could say they include the element of emotion. Like maybe....passion.

Okay, now that you have the idea ... do you know anyone who has tried to tell you their dream? Their desire? Their passion? Tried to tell you about something they felt was exciting.

Did you listen? Did anyone listen to you when you tried to share.... and yes, I said "share", when you tried to share your dream, desire or passion? Have you ever gotten excited about something and told your closest family or friends all about it? You told them your....story.

Someone telling you about their dream for their life ... their goal, their idea for happiness...is that not a nominee for a Good Story Teller? Is that not a story worth listening too? Isn't yours, worth being listened too?

So often we don't. So often we find a reason to be discouraging or negative. If not to the person at the time, then certainly once they have left the room. And often...we even do it to ourselves.

Often it sounds "far fetched" and we think..."Yeah, Right!"...and we slowly turn down the dial on their excitement and we do not hear the passion in their voice. We do not notice the look in their eyes. We do not support their wonderful story. Because....we cannot see IT. We cannot see IT working, or THEM making it happen.

Who are we to rain on someone's parade? Who are we to say if Their dream is good or not? Who are we to not listen to such an exciting story, when it is delivered with such energy and happiness?

Who are those people to not listen to your passion?

Tuesday morning challenge.
Ask yourself ... "What do I dream about?"
Ask a toddler ... "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Ask someone close to you ... "So, what are doing these days? What would make you happy?"
Ask a friend..."Tell me something you dream about."

If you hear this answer from anyone above .... "No, I don't want to say. You'll just laught at me," remember, they are afraid that you really will.

I challenge you to ask the questions....from the heart, and then LISTEN to the answers.
Listen to the smile.
Listen to the energy.
Listen to the story.

There are tremendous stories in your life...yours, and those of others.
Stories, just wanting to be told....and heard. Energy waiting to be adopted by you.

Good morning, and share that wonderful energy.

Pierre Couturier
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Father, Husband, Author, Entrepreneur, and Friend.