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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Awaken Your Day - Jan 22 - Create the Moment

"I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues."
- Duke Ellington

And it is just that obvious opportunity that we so often overlook in times of stress, or sadness.

Every moment holds forth the invitation to mold it and shape it to the outcome you so desire.

Shape the day.

Good morning


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Awaken Your Day - Jan 20 - Change

Today in the United States, the eyes of the world will be on an event of Change.
A new President steps forward.
Hope for some, swells.
Others, worry.
Change, is the common denominator.

The change represented is far reaching, and hard to touch on any part of it specifically here.

So, why don't we just focus briefly on change, as it pertains to our everyday environment.
We change things often in our lives, and often we do not take full notice of the changes as it is just part of the flow.

For instance, we had some painting done in our house this week.
The obvious changes are there, and visible. But, there are others.
By adding some color to our home, my mind opened up to new thoughts, new feelings and new ideas. One painted wall opened up my mind to new ideas for our home, and I thought of moments to come and more definition of 'Home' stood out to me.

We painted the nursery room, and with a splash of blue I found myself focussing on our child, and the moments we will share in this room. I remembered moments from my own youth, and that brought me to now, and a little lift of joy for what is to be.

We painted the washroom and this morning, I felt a little more awake. I recognized the feeling and embraced it. Like an assurance ... and a fresh look to not just the room, but to the morning.
Not just going thru the motions of morning routine, but a little more in the moment as it is new and awaiting my orders.

We painted a wall in our kitchen, and I found myself feeling comfort and relaxation as well as a feeling of real contentment ... like feeling at Home. Green means a little something more, and the white trim brings unison and warmth. I recall looking at magazines pictures and the comfort of some of them, and I feel that visual comfort now compliment the revisited realization that, this is our Home. Our touch added in one more way.

And I saw the look in my wife's eyes as she too had a moment of "Ah, just what was needed." Our home just took on a little more personal touch, for she picked the colors, and she picked them with the knowledge of who we are, what brings added joy to us, and also, with a vision to the future where this Home embraces Family.

This example shows that it does not have to be huge, nor expensive, nor career altering or anything like that. We have simple change all around us. And that change can open us up to a an array of new vision. Should we choose to acknowledge the awareness of what changes inside us.

Change is what we make it. Be it a President, or the color of a wall in your home.
Touch on what it means to you. Touch on what it brings to your life for the good. Simple or large, change is going to come. How we view it, or should I say, how we choose to view it - will write the next page in time.

Good morning...


Monday, January 19, 2009

Awaken Your Day - Jan 19 - Adapt and Conquer

"Even with the best of maps and instruments, we can never fully chart our journeys."
- Gail Pool

You could do everything right.
You could do everything by the book.
You read instructions.
You take the training.
You do the same job, the same tasks, day in and day out, over and over and over again.

Does that mean you will never encounter surprises? Gliches? Some unforseen obstacle that prevents perfect flow?


One angle on our quote today is to be prepared to adapt to change. Not everything can be fully planned sure, but also not everything can go according to plan either.

If you can learn the art of adapting to circumstance, and then flowing with what ever happens but still keeping your eye on the goal at hand, you will still find success. We must learn that an obstacle is not a reason to quit. It is however an opportunity to learn.

Not just learning to accept the things we cannot change etc etc... no, I mean learning how to adapt to variables beyond our control but still maintain forward movement. Adapt to those variables and not lose our way. And adapt to the variables and not lose control of our emotions.

You can be prepared.
You can have a plan.
You can have the desire.
You can have outside influence that interupts all of those.
Now, you find your awareness...and you carry on.

Monday, and it's reputation, bring a great time to practice our skills...and learning how to move forward no matter what.

Good Morning