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Friday, July 17, 2009

Awaken Your Day - July 17 - Christmas in July

"I wish we could put some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month."
- Harlan Miller
Borrowed from "Chicken Soup for the Soul - The Wisdom of Dads"

I often wonder why it is that joy, or intensity seems to increase more drastically at specific times and in certain ways as to reinvent interest is something and bring us to "the edge of our seat."

Like playoffs during sports like Hockey. They always seem to play so much more focussed at THAT time of year. "This is Playoff hockey!" I would like to see them play that strongly all year.

Like the last two minutes of any football game...when all of a sudden that final drive to win the game produces the most exciting and well played football of the entire afternoon. Where was that excitement for the first 58 minutes?

Like when we hit rock bottom, and we have no choice but to focus on nothing but climbing up, and we generate a success story.

It drives me crazy as I wonder again, WHY can they not play that intense throughout the game? Why can we not focus on success before we are get so low? Why THEN does it mean something enough to bring out the best in who we are and what we do?

And so... Christmas in July.

Why must I wait until December to capture the famed "Christmas Spirit"?

Ignore the gift giving as that is not what this is about. The energy. The feel good, the love thy neighbor, the jolly, the music the thinking of others. "Hey Bill, have a Merry Friday, July 17th. Why? Well, because you can, and should." And Bill thinks, "What is wrong with you? It is July, not December. You can't get away with acting like that in July. Merry Friday?!! What? No. We don't do that. It's December...it's always been December, And give me back my lawnmower."

Is it because Christmas is a predetermined mind set? Is it because we are told that at THAT time we SHOULD feel this way and so THAT becomes what IS? It helps that Christmas is filled with this labelled support and focus and like minded people. Surrounded by Like Minded People... is that not one of the fundamental elements to Success? Success of any goal or idea or thought or feeling.... surround yourself with those that think like you.

When the setting is laid out for us, it is almost like Permission to be a part of the Joyful Atmosphere. It is Christmas, therefore I am Christmasy. We simply "role" into it.

So... who says we cannot adopt this wonderful emotional frame of mind...this expressed goodness and joy.... why cannot we adopt this and parallel it anytime. "Role" into it. Put aside the gifts and the main theme of Christ for the moment, as this is just plain and simply touching on the Spirit of the Holidays. Choosing to spread good Cheer...because we can and should.

Let John and Susan break into the Beach Boys at the office; because it is Christmas in July and summer beach songs would be the Carols of summer. In fact...I dare you to go summertime caroling. Go on, get some friends and knock on doors and break into song.

"Let's go surfing now, everybody's learning how. Come on and safari with me....come and safari with me."

Just think of it. The spirit of Christmas in July.
Just imagine the changes you could make with a simple phrase at this time of year.

That guy that just apologized for his bad manners in traffic..."Hey, it's okay. It's Christmas."
That new temp at the office that just shredded instead of copied your file..."Hey, it happens. Don't worry, it's Christmas." ( Watch the face on that one...it would be priceless.)

Or you, taking a moment to stop your busy life, and pick up the phone to catch up with friends and family and to wish them well ... because it is Christmas.

A predetermined mind set. Like minded people.
Invent it anytime you want to....don't wait for December, when today is right here.
Open a jar of Christmas on somebody.

Have a fantastic weekend, and a very Merry Christmas in July.

Pierre Couturier
Father, Husband, Author, Entrepreneur and Friend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Awaken Your Day - July 14, A Shared Value

"Children have more need of models than of critics."
- Carolyn Coats

While being a new dad may afford me the opportunity to ramble on and on, day after day about the wonders of a child, and the newly discovered effects they have on all aspects of our lives ... I find I am intrigued to share with you first the parallels I am discovering between many of the comments and thoughts about children and life as an adult.

You see, I have tripped over a few things that appear to be common opinion when considering our children ... that really should be continually applied to our adult life.

Today's expression for a strong example.

When it comes to our children, or children in general, it is like an immediate understanding and acceptance that it is so important that they receive good influence, and guidance, and that we promote their little spirits in so many ways. They need time to be young, and cute, and silly and to learn and to see the world with wide eyes and dreams beyond dreams. We tell them they can be anything they want to be, and we preach to our friends that with our children, "things will be different than when I was a child."

When it comes to our kids, we expand our mind to capture awareness and ideas to offer them every opportunity to succeed and to find happiness in their youth, and their career paths and in picking good friends, and finding love, and ... and ....

And when did we stop opening the door to all of these wonderfully life altering thoughts for ourselves?

What is worthy of giving to our children, to bring out the best of the world for the best of them ... why do we not keep pursuing this for ourselves with as much focus to how important it is now as well?

Models and critics. One example.

Do you not need more of a mentor and role model, than you need people criticizing your work, your desires, your dreams? A rough day at the office can be like a rough report card day.

If we embrace what we demand for our children, and remember that the value of these thoughts and impressions on their little hearts and minds carries forward to be a value label on ours as well...

would we not continue to be a better role model in our more well embraced happiness?
Just like the same action allows them to be a more happy and adventurous little spirit...

Just a thought for a Tuesday...may it awaken something in you.

Good morning.

Pierre Couturier
Father, Husband, Author, Entrepreneur...and Friend.