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Friday, August 8, 2008

Awaken Your Day - August 8 Reflection

There is one dominant thought today that I will hold very close - Thanks.

I have seen reflections of past and new images of life enhancing moments; moments I am so very thankful for. Then and now - all contributing to my growth and enriching my days making each more fulfilled than the last.

And so, going into the weekend, with plans to build on our business, and for us to spend quality time together as well as with family and friends - I just want to be appreciative of what surrounds us. I have an aware moment to witness our growing success in different parts of our life.

Enjoy your weekend, and everything that moves you in your passions.

Pierre Couturier
Author - "All She Is..."
LPU Representative
Success is Yours - You just have to want it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Awaken Your Day - August 7 Irony

"A great preservative against angry and mutinous thoughts, and all impatience and quarreling, is to have some great business and interest in your mind, which, like a sponge shall suck up your attention and keep you from brooding over what displeases you."
- Joseph Rickaby

Have you ever had those days when you get all annoyed with something, like a guy in traffic that didn't use his signal light - and you get all bent out of shape over it....just to catch yourself 5 minutes later doing the exact same thing? Ironic.

So when I found Joseph's piece this morning, I was reminded, that we all need to be reminded, to sometimes remember those things that we offer as advice to others - is good for us as well.

Thanks Mr. Rickaby - you came along right when I needed you.

Good Morning, and may you ride the energy of what is truly interesting to you, so that you can get past the petty happenings that will occur today.

Pierre Couturier
Author - "All She Is..."
Success is Yours - Would you like to see how I know?
Prosperity Designers Inc.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Awaken Your Day - August 6 Living A Moment

She looks at me, and in her eyes
I witness unwavering truth.
Her heart speaks,
and in each expression I feel
the Purity of her Belief.
I am loved by every note
that is her melody.
In this I am safe to trust.

I pause to live fully
In this Moment.

I am more wealthy than even
the fairytales had whispered.
- Pierre

We Awaken each day on a note.
We play our tune as parts of our lives act as conductor.
High and low ... flats and sharps.
We play the tune as best as we know how.

I suggest, we must all take notice of all the notes
we sometimes overlook in our arrangement.

As you can tell, the most important note in any story I tell, is my wife Sandra.
In taking a moment, I stop to truly live within the feeling of what it means to be loved by her.
To know it, and to understand how to let myself feel it. The great gift it is to feel this, and what it does for the corners of my life that once were deep in shadows.

All I am suggesting, is that you take a moment to acknowledge your awareness of how it feels when you think of someone who you know truly cares about you, and appreciates you. Let yourself know how secure it feels to not only hold onto those offered feelings, but to believe in them as they are given. Let that sense of comfort embrace you - and begin your day on the strength it offers you.

While many will say it is silly - I think you should say it to yourself whenever you need to -
"Someone cares alot about me. And knowing that, feels really good."
Try it. You might like it.

Not everyone expresses themselves the way I do. Many of you are thankful for that I am sure.
So everyone should relax and be free to Live this suggested Moment in their own way. Whether you acknowledge to yourself in a quiet, private moment what it means and how you feel knowing someone cares for you, or if you share that spark of appreciation openly with them - I feel it is still so valuable to allow that part of your being to have a Living moment of acknowledgement.

( Tough guys can be strong - close the door to the garage and consider their thoughts without anyone having to know. Honest...it is okay. Shhhh.... We won't tell.)

There is treasure in knowing you are cared for.
There is great Wealth waiting in the part of your life not yet lived - when you allow yourself to feel good about being cared for.

Hoping you enjoy your moment ... Good Morning.

Prosperity in every page of your life, can be yours.
Prosperity Designers Inc.

Awaken Your Day - Aug 5 Potential

What is your potential?

What do you truly believe you could do or become, if given the right opportunity?

What rewards to your life would come from reaching that potential?

What do you see as a result of you grabbing hold, and mastering all that you are Potentially capable of doing - being - sharing - becoming?

Do you just require that "right opportunity" ?

So then I ask you ...

Are you waiting?

Or are you Creating?

Good morning -

Pierre Couturier
Author - "All She Is..."
LPU Representative
Success is Within Your Reach - Ask Me

Monday, August 4, 2008

Awaken Your Day - Aug 4, Courage to Try

"It is better to be a 'used to be' than a 'never was' "
- Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers, comment take from Barbara Walters show with Randy Pouche, "The Last Lecture - A Celebration of Life.

Mr. Ward may not be the original voice of this statement, but this is where I heard it this time around. This whole comment and the message behind it can be intertwined with so many moments we encounter in this life.

Be it in the dedicated pursuit of goals and dreams that we discuss here so often ( do not live life wondering What If? ) , or in direct reference to something we let slip from our lives that we 'used' to do.

I know I could easily go off unnecessarily over explaining this one... so for a Monday - just take the Opportunity to consider what images this statement creates for you. Think about some of the things you used to do, that still have value for having done them in your life. Reflect on the achievements that they are and, in some cases - consider what is stopping you from ...

"I haven't thrown a baseball in years..."
"I quit drawing when I ..."
"I haven't spent much time with my son ..."
"You know, I used to ... "

Opportunity Monday - lets you celebrate the courage to have done the Used To's - and to lace up that courage again for modern day 'Can I's ' .

The only thing stopping us ... is us. As some of my mentor's have put it, "Don't let the Start Stop You."

Good Morning - and good living.

Pierre Couturier
Author - "All She Is..."
LPU Representative
CEO, Prosperity Designers Inc.
Success is Yours - We can show you.